Sustainable Style: The Animal Rescue Site Pet Shop

Each and every day I get a reminder via email to visit the Animal Rescue Site, where you can click on a giant purple button, and that simple action helps feed and care for tens of thousands of animals. I noticed before that they also have a store, but have never ventured through the online entry...until this weekend.

My eye was drawn to an adorable pair of rain boots that were black with tiny purple paw prints (the nonprofit's logo), so, like any self-respecting woman, I clicked on them.

Then it was game over.

For the next 45 minutes I "oohed" and "aahed" at the amazing array of goods available for purchase, with all the proceeds going to help animals in shelters across the country. And they have got something for everyone, let me tell you, including a collection of fair trade items.

It's not too late to give someone a gift that brings warm fuzzies to warm and fuzzy critters! Here are some of my favorites to tempt you:

Card holders/wallets

Neoprene laptop case

Recycled cement sack tote bag

Sterling silver horse earrings

Glass dove necklace

Even if you don't find a gift for someone, at least sign up for the daily email reminder! It takes all of 30 seconds of your time each day, and helps thousands of animals stay healthy while they wait for forever homes!

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