DIY Friday

This week there were a ton of great DIY ideas floating around the blogosphere. Here are the ones I've added to my ever-growing list of projects to do one day...

I came across these felt hot pads via The Purl Bee, and I love the clean rustic look they have.

This branch pendant by Anna-Malin Lindgren via the decor8 blog is positively stunning and has me keeping an eye out for branches.

This Valentine's Day subway art by eighteen25 isn't quite a DIY project (unless you count framing...oh heck, let's just say it is!), but it is free for download if you want to bring a bit of romance to your abode.

And I never get tired of the projects that keep coming from How About Orange. This week was a tutorial on how to stiffen fabric, and after that how to make an adorable fabric box from it.

Hope you take some time to get your hands DIY dirty and tackle one of these projects this weekend! I'm going to be busy having a moving sale Saturday morning, then more packing, then hopefully working on some Valentine ideas I've been brainstorming for the hubs. Fun, fun... 

{Images via named blogs}

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