Goodbye/Hello {Breakfast}

Whenever we venture out for breakfast, there's one place we almost always go: The OP Cafe in Santa Monica. Their menu is simple, but they do it really, really well. And if you get there before 9 am, you can get their signature 2+2+2 breakfast (pictured above) for just under $3 (I always sub out the bacon for home fries).

The staff are always super friendly, which (along with the food) explains why there are so many regulars. And Mary, who's been there ever since we started going, will have your order memorized by the third time you come in.

On special occasions (meaning we have more than $10 to spend) we'll get their breakfast tacos, which are hands-down my favorite item on the menu (although I can't speak for their lunch items, because I've never eaten lunch there!). These tacos are two little corn tortillas loaded with scrambled eggs, avocado, pico de gallo and an amazing chipotle mayo. You can get them with either black beans or home fries, and your taste buds will certainly thank you for going the extra mile.

This past Christmas I was introduced to a place our friends regularly go for Saturday morning breakfast: Kolache Factory. When the hubs asked if we wanted to go, my first questions was, "What the heck is a kolache?" He tried to explain it, and where I heard the words dough and filling, it didn't take too much convincing. :)

When we got there, the wall behind the counter was stacked with 25 different kinds of kolaches; some had savory fillings, some had fruit, some even had chocolate. I ended up with a potato, egg & cheese one (to which my friend said, "You only got one?"), and it was delicious. I then realized why everyone else had at least two.

Being a chain restaurant in a fairly suburban area of town, it definitely didn't have the personal/local vibe of The OP Cafe, but I think I can make do.

Your turn! I'd love to know what eatery can get you up early on a Saturday.

{Images courtesy of The OP Cafe and ifood.tv, respectively}

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