Making {A No-Sew Pillow Cover}

Many moons ago when the hubs and I started getting furniture and whatnots for our future home, I bought a single curtain panel at Cost Plus World Market. My plan was to cut it in half width-wise and turn it into two cafe curtains for the kitchen. The only problem was I didn't have a sewing machine! (I just got one for Christmas, thanks mom and dad!).

So this sad panel has been sitting in the closet for a good eight months now. I thought about donating it, but loved too much. Surely there was something I could do with the fabric?! This past week I found my answer: no-sew pillow covers. I had found these two pillows while thrifting, and they became the perfect candidates for a makeover

This was my first time using hem tape, and I have mixed feelings about the results (can't tell if it's the tape or user error!), but we'll get to that later.

The tutorial I followed was from Budget Wise Home, and with a couple additional tweaks, things went fairly smooth.

You'll need:

An iron & ironing board
Two pillows/pillow forms
Fabric (See the first step for figuring out how much)
Hem tape
Fabric Pen
Pins (optional, I just can't iron a straight hem without them)

The first thing you need to do is measure your pillows. The measurements I'll include in these directions are for two 16" pillows, so just adjust them as needed to fit yours.

Measure and cut out two 18"x18" squares. These will be the front of the pillow. Next, measure and cut four 18"x13" pieces. These will be the back, which ends up having a folded flap so that it's removable. So for two pillows, you should now have six pieces.

On each of the smaller pieces, iron a seam. The hem tape is 3/4" wide, so I made mine about 1" to make sure the tape was sufficiently covered.

Cut the hem tape to fit the length of the seam and place one piece inside each one. Press with an iron, about three seconds on each section, and make sure the fabric is thoroughly stuck together.

Take one of the larger pieces and place it right-side-up. Take one of the smaller pieces and place it right-side-down on the larger piece with the seam at the top.

Take another small piece and put it right-side-down on top of the first small piece with the seam on the bottom.

Cut hem tape to fit along each of the four sides, place it in between the two layers of fabric and press with an iron. As before, make sure each section gets at least three seconds to make sure the fabric adheres.

Let it sit for a couple minutes. Check the seams before turning the case inside-out to make sure there aren't any sections that need some extra pressing. Once everything is to your satisfaction, turn everything right-side-out and plop your pillow in!

{Repeat the steps for however many pillow you're making}

Now, as I said before, I have some mixed feelings about the hem tape, but it might just be because this was my first attempt at using it (i.e, user error). The seams on the back that are around the flap pulled apart a bit when I put the pillow in. And, in one area, the hem tape somehow got outside the seam and you can see it if you look closely. But, overall, it was a fairly simple and easy way to get some new pillow covers.

I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl's Make Share, so be sure and hop over and check out what other thrifters are creating!

{Images by Me}


  1. you made it look so easy, thanks for sharing!

  2. I like the look of your pillow.


  3. Mine turned out great! Thanks!

  4. I love my bed and want some luxury look. I am wondering if anyone could recommend some good Australian pillows product.

  5. I've just tried this and my cushion turned out pretty ok...had to re-iron a couple of times to make sure. Really easy instructions to follow too.


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