Reel Inspiration: Funny Face

Today I am very excited to share some amazing photos from one of my all-time favorite movies: Funny Face. Not only do we get to see Audrey in all her classy, elegant glory, but we also get to see her cut loose in a beatnik bar in Paris as late-1950s glamour starts taking a backseat to the Carnaby-Street Mod era.

The movie starts with Maggie Prescott (played by Kay Thompson), who is the editor of a preeminent fashion magazine. She's trying to decide what the "new look" should be for the coming season, and eventually song and dance ensues as they decide that the modern woman should be encouraged to "think pink!"

Prescott and her trusty photographer, Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) happen upon Jo Stockton (Audrey Hepburn), a braniac who works in a local bookstore. After lots of trickery, they get her to agree to be the face of the magazine for their new campaign, and they head to Paris to make the magic happen.

Now comes my favorite part: all the photo shoots! The styling of this movie is the reason I'm so hooked on the fashion of the '50s, and I love how the final shots show a new style of photography emerging as well — one that's a bit more whimsical and tells a story beyond the dress.

These are my two favorite shots because they show so well how everything during this time was in a state of transition, with people straddling two iconic eras.

I hope this has left you feeling inspired as we inch closer to the weekend. If you haven't seen this movie...well, I think it's obvious that I think you should. :)

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