Style Spots: Estate Sales in St. Louis

I woke up exhausted Sunday morning after all our traveling during the previous few days...but not exhausted enough to hit up some estate sales! I'm blessed to have two parents who love treasure-hunting as much as I do, and since we're bumming at their place while we look for our own, the three of us went to five sales around the city, coming home with an amazing haul. And since it was Sunday, everything was half off, which equals amazing deals.

I brought home two of these beautiful mid-century white lamps. Can't wait to put them in our new home (whenever we find it!).

I came across a ton of hand-embroidered linens that were in excellent condition and are headed for the Etsy store eventually.

I'm always a sucker for animal-related things, and this kitschy little brass bird cage caught my eye. You can hang up and the little bird swings back and forth on its perch.

Another beautifully embroidered textile. This one has five different birds on it and is ready to hang on the wall (maybe yours since it's headed to Etsy!).

This mod '60s purse needs a little cleaning, but I love the bold statement it makes. This will also go on Etsy.

I found these two silk pillows nestled together on a couch and picked them up immediately. Haven't yet decided if they stay with me or not... :)

I spotted a little washboard in one kitchen and a pair of gold 4x6 frames. I already have a lot of these frames and am thinking about packaging them together for the Etsy store. I just love their Victorian feel.

And last but certainly not least, this gorgeously ornate mirror that I got for an amazing price (don't mind the clutter in the background, ha!). It's really heavy and I am definitely holding on to it for our future home.

Did you do any thrifting this weekend? I'd love to hear what you found! Also be sure to check out Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday post to see what was unearthed all over the country!


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  1. Love the mirror, it's fantastic. How lovely to have a whole future blank canvas to put all your new finds into...

  2. That bird cage is great!

  3. Nice lamps! I think you got a pair of genies in the deal too.

  4. oh my I love those lamps! They are beautiful and so, so white. I have tons of embroidered linens too.

    Thanks for linking up to the Penny Worthy Project!

  5. The lamp is absolutely beautiful and would fit quite nicely in my home, too!

  6. What cool finds! I LOVE the bird cage.


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