Sustainable Style: Sydney Hale Company

There's nothing like a candle to change the atmosphere in a room, and I'm not just talking about a romantic ambiance. They come in so many different scents nowadays that you an be transported anywhere in a matter of minutes: a field of lemon trees, a rainy day, even someone's backyard after they've just hung up the laundry to dry.

What's even better is when you come across a company that uses sustainable practices to bring such magic to your home, such as the Sydney Hale Company, based in Arlington, VA. I was first introduced to them via the Creature Comforts blog, and their stuff is just too good to not pass along!

This family owned business makes hand-blended soy candles, and most of the materials used in the process and packaging are either recycled, recyclable or sustainable. They even donate 10 percent of their proceeds to the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, which rescues dogs and cats facing euthanasia and puts them into forever homes (music to my animal-lover ears!).

{Images courtesy of Sydney Hale Company}

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