DIY Friday

Here come this week's list of my favorite DIY projects running amok in the blogosphere. Ready?? Go!!

Who knew grocery bags could be so gorgeous? Leslie from A Creative Mint, that's who. Her work was featured on Decor8 & Paper Crave...and rightly so. This is such a great way to reuse something lots of us come across on a weekly basis.

Over at No Minimalist Here I spied this Pottery Barn-inspired wine barrel lazy Susan. It caught my eye because you hardly ever see anything interesting done with this oh-so-useful household tool. And the total cost for the project was $1! Nice.

One word: swoon! And you can make this to match whatever your bed linen colors are, with whatever word is meaningful to you. So simply, but so chic and a great way to repurpose old wood planks. Find the tutorial over at House*Tweaking {via The Style Files}.

If you love tea (or know someone who does), these would make a great gift for any gift-giving day. And Kate over at Design Sponge gives you three different options, according to your crafting skills. I've been trying to brainstorm shapes other than a heart that you could sew together, and the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Ez over at Creature Comforts launched her very first DIY video, and she made these adorable doily luminaries. I love her crafts because they're the perfect mixture of simplicity & creativity.

Lastly, I had to post this because I come across cheese tray like this all the time while thrifting. The Young House Love blog had the creative intuition to pull out some mod contact paper and put it over the tile part, which takes these outdated pieces to a whole new level. I just might pick one up next time.

What crafty ideas are you going to try this weekend? 

{Images courtesy of named blogs}


  1. I made a note of that cheese board, too! Such an easy fix and it looks great!

  2. I have something similar I've been hoarding. It's got a glass base as opposed to a wooden one, so is probably for covering cakes rather than storing cheese, but I kind of had the idea of using it like a Victorian taxidermy display dome. Without a woeful stuffed mammal in it though - I was thinking of some kind of still life. I like the idea of lining the base with paper - or fabric might work too. Just need to decide what to put in it...

    I've been making more teacup candles today, 'how to' over on my blog.


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