Making {Bottle Cap Magnets}

Earlier this summer I reposted these adorable mid-century bottle cap magnets created by How About Orange. Since then I've been hoarding caps, intending to make some that I could tie into my Etsy store. I just applied to become a first-time vendor at an indie craft/vintage show in St. Louis this spring (fingers crossed I make the cut!), so I decided to make magnets that each showcase one of the dingbats I use in my online banners. I thought they'd be a neat freebie to give away with purchases, especially since they're so inexpensive to make. And if I don't make it into the show, I'll just start putting them in with Etsy purchases.

As far as making the initial design that you then print on regular printer paper, I used InDesign. But since it's relatively simple (a circle and one letter of text), you should be able to do it with whatever program you have. Just make one 1-inch circle for each design you have, group them together, and copy and paste into rows, fitting as many as you can on one sheet.
What You'll Need:

> Cleaned bottle caps (make sure you pick the ones that aren't bent from the bottle opener)
> Spray paint in your color of choice
> Designs printed onto regular printer paper
> A one-inch hole punch
> Mod Podge
> Sponge brush
> One-inch circle magnets
> E6000 glue

After the bottle caps are cleaned and dried, go to a well-ventilated area, spread them out on newspaper and spray them with the spray paint you've chosen.

While they're drying, print out your design on regular printer paper and cut out using the 1-inch hole punch.

Once the caps are dry, take a punched-out design, dab a little Mod Podge onto the back, then press it onto the top of the cap. Get your sponge brush, put some Mod Podge on it, then go over the design to seal it on there (I ended up doing two coats).

After they're dry, put some E6000 glue into the back of the cap, then place the magnet in there. Make sure you a) use enough and b) let it dry sufficiently, or the magnet will pull away from the cap once you place it on (and try to pull it off) a magnetic surface.

Repeat for as many magnets as you want to make!

One reason I really love this project is because it goes so fast. Your design is one inch, the hole punch is one inch, the cap is one inch, and so is the magnet. Makes everything really seamless!

{Images by me}

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