Style Spots: Lemons Into Lemonade

So this past Sunday was one of those "Are you kidding me?" days. My mom, cousin and I headed into the city for some serious deals at a church rummage sale, only to find out the sale isn't until next weekend (whoops!)! The next one took us a good 30-45 minutes to find because it was on a street that disappeared except for two small blocks, which was inconveniently where our destination was. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but my phone had died, meaning no Google Maps, and mom left her GPS at home. So we had to call my dad for emergency backup directions. It ended up being worth it, though, and I was able to find some great stuff.

The hubs actually spotted this lamp...

And I love the ornate brass in the base.

Some old Vess soda bottles (The seltzer is still unopened! Wonder if it's still fizzy?)

I love these little vanity canisters, and they'll go great in our future bathroom. Mismatched lids, but just adds to their quirk!

This spring and summer, the hubs and I are planning on doing some serious jam/preserves making, and this old mill will be awesome for it. Has wood handles that are so lovingly smoothed.

These two canisters (originally instant coffee canisters) go with two carafes I got some weeks ago, so I'm planning to sell all four items as a set.

Love these owl prints! And I know someone else will, too, which is why they're going to the store. The frames are in great shape, so painting them a mustard or white color would really help make them a bit more modern.

My cousin spotted a set of Hartmann suitcases in the basement. This is the smaller one (the bigger one looks just like it). Great additions to my growing vintage luggage collection!

My mom found this set of four Christmas TV trays that are uber 50s. Each one has legs that snap onto the bottom. Of course this means a Christmas party later this year is a must!

Lately I've been scooping up shoes for the store, but I finally hit the jackpot: These babies are all in my size and fit like a dream! And their previous owner kept them in pristine condition. (The brown ones with the bow are my fav.)

I've also kind of started an old recipe box (w/ recipes) collection. I keep seeing them at estate sales and can't believe the family wouldn't want this old beauties to pass along! So I scoop them up (usually for less than $1) and spend a good amount of time going through each one. Now I have a list of recipes to try!

I picked up two books as well; one is a vegetarian cookbook, the other is this awesome cookbook of just desserts. There are pages with tons of tips, like substitutions and "reasons why your cake went wrong" & lovely little teal illustrations. Can't wait to get bakin'.

I also picked up this this old purse, which is in excellent condition. The designer/manufacturer name is still there on the inside, but it's become so faded I can't make it out! So if you have any guesses, would love to hear them.

I loaded up on some fabric remnants, which is such a great way to build up supplies for a novice sewer like myself. That way I don't have to spend tons of money! In the background is a beautiful crewel pillow kit, and I love the colors of the design. Can't wait to start making it!

Lastly, these lovely mod tulip mugs were really hard to pass up. They're headed for the store, where hopefully the design will trump the lack of a sixth.

Did you do any treasure hunting this weekend? I would love to hear about what you found! Also be sure to hop on over to Apron Thrift Girl, Flea Market Finds & The Penny Worthy Project to see what goodies were unearthed by fellow thrifters! 

{Images by me}


  1. Wow I love the tulip mugs, so bright and pretty! How anyone can toss out old recipe boxes is BEYOND me, seriously.

  2. I love all your treasures. Especially, the recipe box, cookbook(s). The one that is Favorite Recipes of America is part of a set of 5. The complete set would also have Favorite Recipes of America meats, veggies, casseroles and salads, also. They are housed in a display box. I found mine set at our Goodwill for just $5.00. I'll take a picture of my set and post it in my thrifty finds this week, since I've only had it about a month. So recent enough to share. Great finds, thanks for sharing!

  3. You got some seriously nice things this time, thanks for sharing. I think my favourites are the beautiful suitcase and the lamp (well done your husband!), and the mugs are cute. You must have been hyper-ventilating when you found all the shoes in your size too - yes, the bow ones are gorgeous. I just found some Versace shoes in a charity shop which I'm pretty pleased about!

    I didn't do badly this week either, posted about a few pretty vintage bits and pieces that needed a new home...

  4. That's one healthy and beautiful haul of goods! Can't decide which I like best. I definitely think a coat of fresh paint wold modernize the owls!


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