Style Spots: Rustic Goodness

Going into this weekend, I was really excited: There were three community rummage sales happening, and some good vintage estate sales not far from them. So I got up early on Saturday and headed for rummage sale #1. When I got in, I was so sorely disappointed; there were maybe 10 tables of items, and it was all, well, not my style. :) I was in and out in about 5 minutes, then drove to the next one, where I found a couple things but, again, it was sorely under-inventoried (new word?).

I was so bummed that I didn't even chance the third rummage sale. Instead I started mapping my way toward the vintage estate sales. The first one had a lot of really good stuff, but the prices were a bit unreasonable. I made a mental note to go back on Sunday when things were half off, but not without grabbing a big box of thread. And boy am I glad I did! I had only purchased it because I'm just getting into sewing and this was a great way to have an immediate inventory of thread. But once I got to the car and started rifling through it, I found a smaller box inside it that harbored this:

All this beautiful vintage thread! Each spool is wooden, and there is some seriously luxe 100% cotton and silk in there. It definitely made up for the lack of the rummage sales and I went home happy.

On Sunday a friend and I went back to that sale and one more and found some great items. I wish I would've snapped a picture of this beautiful wood chest she went home with, but I didn't. You'll just have to make due with my finds. :)

Another train case and some vintage Angiolini shoes for the store

An old chopper and a big clothespin for me :)

An old plant mister for me (love its Victorian feel) and some strange wood penguin picks for the store

A couple brass candle holders, for which I have a crafty plan

A little watering can since I sold mine before we moved, and some beautiful mod napkins for the store

Set of four place mats and napkins for the store (love the bright yellow)

Some old belt buckles for another crafty purpose

Two peach baskets I'm going to use to store blankets in our future living room & guest room

Another beautifully rusted piece: An old tool/tackle box...

That I'm going to clean up and line the inside with cute contact paper. It'll be my new craft tool box.

What goodies did you find this weekend? Be sure and hop on over to Thrift Share Monday, The Penny Worthy Project and Flea Market Finds to see what fellow thrifters dug up! 

{Images by me}


  1. I would get plants for my apt. if only to use one of those misters! Great finds!

  2. That tool box is really cool! Love the giant clothespin, too, and the penguins {of course}.

  3. what a wonderful box of thread. great colours!

  4. Those are lovely finds. The wooden spools of thread are great. I have so many of those, myself. That's a nice watering can, too. I love those mod and vintage colors!

  5. Very nice! I especially like the toolbox. You'll have to post it again when it's all fancied up and filled with your crafty stuff.

  6. Nice finds! I love the mister and the penguin picks.

  7. lovely finds! Always exciting to see others' thrifty finds. I enjoy thrifting too. I just nominated you for a stylish and versatile award at


    check it out!


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