Style Spots: Thrift-o-Mania

So this weekend and yesterday were kinda awesome.

On Friday, I found out I was accepted as a vendor to Indie Craft Revolution here in St. Louis. I'm super excited because it'll be my first time selling things. Now I just have to kick it into high gear and build up the vintage inventory and start making some accessories that I've had brainstormed for quite some time.

On Saturday, my mom and one of our long-time family friends went thrifting most of the day, and I got to explore some thrift stores that were new to me. We scored some great deals thanks to coupons for St. Vincent de Paul.

Then, yesterday, as my Valentine's Day present from the hubs, we went thrifting from about 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., which is a very self-sacrificing move for him. He mostly sat on a couch at each store and read a book that he pulled off the shelves while filled my cart. We used St. Vincent coupons again (scoring an amazing Lane coffee table and end tables set for a great price), and everything was 50% off at all the Value Villages. So I ended up with a ton of inventory, and some great furniture pieces for our new home (we finally settled on one! But more on that later...). Here's the haul I ended up taking home!

A beautiful tin and copper cake plate/cover

Some vintage napkins and fabric

A couple kitschy items

Three awesome leather bags

A couple Fire King hobnail pieces and some white vases

A pair of mod cafe curtains

A pair of 70s butterfly glasses

Polaroid Land Camera (the Automatic 220) to add to my growing vintage camera collection :)

More Butterfly Gold pieces for the set we're collecting. The mugs are Pyrex and the plates are Corelle.

A beautiful leather Hartmann Luggage piece...

With an amazing fabric on the inside

A stack of vintage luggage (the Hartmann, a Samsonsite, a Sears & Roebuck and a Skyway piece)

Lovely shoes to add to the craft show inventory...

A mustard ottoman (on wheels!) for our new home

This gorgeous minty chair and ottoman set for our new home (will be my reading chair!) :)

And this awesome old lamp with a heron (or some other bird?) on the top of the base

They pair rather nicely together, no? :)

Such a good weekend! What goodies did you find?

Be sure to hop over to Thrift Share Monday, Flea Market Finds & The Penny Worthy Project and see what other treasure hunters have dug up!


  1. Wow, what a great haul! I love those vintage suitcases--what's your plan for them?

  2. Hey Grace! You know, I think for the near future I'm going to use them as display/merchandising pieces for the upcoming craft show. After that they'll join the little collection of vintage suitcases I've started and I'll use them for when I travel, or maybe stack them somewhere and use them as an end table. Lots of possibilities!

  3. LOVE the ottoman and the inside of that luggage! Swoon!

  4. Oooh, such awesome finds! I adore vintage and I adore thrift. Put the two together and I'm in heaven. I especially like the camera, luggage and mustard ottoman.
    And, can I tell you how much we love, love, love St. Louis. It's about a four hour drive from here. There is so much to do there and we do it all. But, we are super crazy about The City Museum. Ahhh, such a great city.

    (p.s. found you on the penny worthy project. I linked up too. But, I have thrifty finds littered throughout my blog.)

  5. I am so jealous!!! Great finds!

  6. The green chair is so AMAZING, does the hassock open? Who cares it's lovely. Thanks for linking up to the Penny Worthy Project, hope to have you back soon!

  7. You had some great finds, I don't think I like you moving to STL too mucy your are getting to the bargain before me!!!!! Welcome home anyway! St. Vincent de Paul is my favorite place to go too lots of good junk to pilferer through

  8. what a great thrift store haul!

  9. Sena: You're so right about St. Louis; it is great and has a lot of fun things to do. The City Museum is way awesome, especially since there's things for adults to do, too!

    Laura: No, the hassock doesn't open (but it would be super cool if it did!). And thank you for giving us thrifters a place to show off our goods. :)

    Carrie: Ha! You are too funny. We only had one St. Vincent near us in California, so I'm really enjoying have lots to pick from here. I'll try to leave some things behind for you next time I'm there. :)


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