How I Geeked Out This Weekend

Before I get into this post, I wan to make one thing clear: I am a nerd. (Whew. Glad that's out of the way!) Why, you might ask? Well, let me give you an excellent example.

I received an email from my cousin some weeks ago saying she was going to The Pioneer Woman book signing. My heart jumped because I had just missed her in L.A. before we moved, and somewhere in my mind I didn't even think to look if her tour was stopping in St. Louis.

But she did!

And I went.

And she's just as nice and sweet as you'd think she'd be.

And I was just as much of a nerd as you'd think I'd be, because I didn't bring a book for her to sign at her book signing. Oh no. I'm one of those freeloaders who just gets her recipes from her website or borrows from a friend who actually owns her cookbook.

So when I got up to the table, where her assistant was taking people's books to have them ready for her John Hancock, I sheepishly said, "Um...I don't really have a book for her to sign. I have...a rolling pin."

The assistant paused, clearly thrown off her rhythm of hand-book-table, hand-book-table, then smiled and said, "Oh! Well I'm sure she'll sign it."

Then, when the rolling pin was passed along to Ree (PW's human name), I burst into a rambling of explanation about why I had a rolling pin and apologizing profusely for not having a book, ending with a sad, "I just wanted to come."

She was very gracious, said it was a cute idea, then scribbled her love onto the pin.

Then my cousin and I had our picture snapped with her, and I learned a valuable lesson: For the love of all things good and normal and non-nerdy: Don't...chew...gum!

*Sigh* This is why I don't try and meet people I admire. Much better for me to appreciate them at a distance instead of possibly terrifying them. :) 

{Images by me and my cuz, yo)


  1. So cute! You never think you'll nerd out until you're right in front of them. This happened to me once :)

  2. awww I missed her here in CA because I was working... but that's so cool you have a rolling pin with her signature. haha.

  3. Hysterical! Love that she signed the rolling pin!

  4. That is just priceless, really need to frame that one!!

  5. She'll probably remember you most, and smile each time she does! Way to brighten someone's life :D
    (Love the rolling pin idea!)


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