I Am Alive {& Some Style Spots}

My goodness. It feels like I've been without my security blanket for the past week! I assure you that this blog does still exist, despite my lack of posting anything in seven days. I was naive to think that moving into our home and unpacking our lives would afford me tons of time to sit around on the computer. And even if I wanted to, our Internet is just now being set up today, leaving me camped out in the corner of a coffee shop that's three blocks from our place to — finally — return from the land of missing bloggers.

I can't wait to show you all some photos of where we're living now. I am absolutely in love with it for all the character it has. And having just moved from a tiny two-bedroom place in Cali to a three-bed, two-bath, two-floor abode...well, I feel like we moved from Rhode Island to Texas with a size change like that. Just give me this week to unpack a little more, pick up our new couch and put the empty boxes in recycling, and I'll snap some photos to share. I'll also probably be picking your beautiful design-minded brains for ideas on how to accessorize it. :)

This past weekend we went on a much-needed escape to Nashville to visit one of the hubs's oldest friends (in terms of length, not age, mind you). He just returned from Afghanistan, so we hung out with him and his Army buddies all weekend to celebrate their return and his birthday. And can I just say...we had so much fun! Friday night was dinner at a local cantina and then some bar-hopping. Saturday we explored a really neat area that had a ton of antique stores and an amazing mid-century store called Pre to Post Modern (you must go here if you're ever in town). Then we grabbed lunch at Battr'd & Friend Boston Seafood House, where I had the most gorgeous vegetarian roll I have ever seen. It was called the Vegetarian Sunflower Roll and had cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, radish sprouts, carrots and red cabbage wrapped in a yellow soy bean paper, topped with kiwi and sunflower seed kernels. (I know...right?)

Around the corner from this place was another eatery that I couldn't have noshed at even if it were open, but it was too cute not to take a picture. It's called I Dream of Weenie, and it's an old VW bus/van that's been turned into the town's "only full-service weenery."

That night was a birthday dinner at Flyte, which was soooo good. I started with a parsnip soup; entreed on a rustic gnocchi dish that had maitake mushrooms, carrots, Brussels sprouts, fennel and farro; and dessert was a crumbled brioche served with thyme-honey ice cream (which was unreal). They also have these really neat combos called a Flyte Fix where you can get smaller portions of each of their salads, soups or wines in case you want to try more than one. (Sorry, no pictures because it was dim and I am not a fan of flash photography.)

Now...onto my thrifted finds! I've been able to take some breaks from unpacking to explore some local thrift stores (thank goodness!), but definitely not as much as I'd had liked to (isn't that always the case?). So these goodies are from the past two weeks...

A wire chicken egg basket that I'm in love with!

Some old clothespins to use for the craft show display at the end of April.

Some Corelle juice glasses to add to our Butterfly Gold collection.

An odd bird in a lightbulb-shaped cage, to which the hubs gave a deep sigh when I pulled it out of the bag. :)

A goblet that my mom and I think might be Depression glass. What do you think?

Kitschy little napkin holder. Love the patterned background, but the wagon is a bit country, no?

Some brand new Target placemats that I'm going to make into a pillow cover.

More wooden spools and an awesome old stapler for my desk.

Pyrex Spring Blossom Green casserole that's going to our friend Joel (lucky you!).

Some neat mid-century drinking glasses.

I love this set of dessert/app plates. I'm thinking of adding glass/wooden candle holders to the bottom to put on my vanity (when I get one) and hold my jewelry...but we'll see.

Some vintage Vera napkins that have beautiful herbs on them.

More Corelle to expand our collection. The hubs spotted these two luncheon plates, which was a real score because they're hard to come by. He also decided he does want to collect the cps with these handles so we can hang them under the cabinet in the kitchen.

Kitschy little owl family to hand on maybe your wall since they're headed to Etsy.

French coffee and tea canisters. I love the simple/mod look of them.

Bag of vintage rick rack, fringe, etc.

My parents did their own estating this weekend and pick up this awesome Land Camera in a case for me. Comes with all the paperwork, the cold clip and the flash. Nice.

And a rusted old tool box to go with the bigger one I got some weeks ago!

They're so great. :)

What did you find this weekend?? Don't forget to head over to Thrift Share Monday, Flea Market Finds and The Penny Worthy Project to see what other treasures were unearthed all over the globe!

{Images by me}


  1. So many amazing finds! I need a toolbox like the one you found, perfect for stashing thrifted bits. I also love the mod glasses, owls, and coffee/tea jars. I'm always look for jars like those :)

  2. Love it all! Great finds!

  3. So excited y'all are in the new place. Can't wait to see pics!!! And can I just say that those veg rolls look insanely good...I want one for lunch today! :)

  4. Love everything! But my favs are the owls and the rose plates. Oh and the napkin holder! Thanks for sharing your great finds!

  5. Wow what a lot of finds! Love the drinking glasses and the table mats. They'll look lovely made into cushions.

  6. Love the tool box's color! I have been picking those up too and have managed to amass a "collection" (aka 3) now.

    The owls are so cute too!


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