Shacking Up With the Styleses {Dining Room}

Today we're taking a peek into our very unfinished dining room. Right now it has furniture, which is the most important part to me; it means we can at least have people over for dinner and they have a place to put their pants. And I love how big it is; we have the table fulled extended and it hardly makes a dent in the space.

View from the living room

To the right from the living room

View from the hutch

View from the kitchen doorway

Closer look at the buffet

Closer look at the hutch

Some details to look forward to are curtains, new drawer pulls on the hutch (and maybe a wallpapered back splash to give it a pop of color), a bar set on top of the buffet, a new pendant light, and something interesting on that giant expanse of wall to the left of the record player.

Right now I'm recovering the chair cushions. The set came with four chairs, and then we found four more at a Value Village that are the same shape and maker, just a different back. It's been a very cathartic process because I get to use a staple gun and there's instant gratification. :) I really like the navy with that blondish wood, and this will be a starting point for bring other bits of color into the room.

The Thrifted

> We picked the dining set from Craigslist because we loved the style and shape of the pieces. The wood is also lighter than the trim, so even if it's a lot of brown, it's different shades.

> The speakers hooked up to the record player were scored at a Salvation Army in Pasadena. The hubs spotted them, and then snatched 'em up when he saw they were 50% off.

> The big frame on the buffet came from an estate sale in Playa del Rey in California. The frames on the hutch came from a lot being sold on Craigslist that I bought for our wedding reception decorations. I don't think any of these frames are staying where they are right now; I just wanted to put them somewhere. :)

The Gifted

Most of that beautiful Butterfly Gold in the hutch came from my mom and dad as a Christmas present. They found out we had started collecting the pattern and bought a lot of it off eBay, making my job a lot easier.

Well, that's what we've got so far in there. I'd love to hear any ideas for wall art or ways to bring more color in, so be sure and leave your suggestions in the comment section (as long as you have something nice to say, that is). :) 

{Images by me}

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