Shacking Up With the Styleses {Guest Room}

So we're almost finished with the first floor, which means I need to get my rear in gear over the weekend to make the upstairs presentable. It also means that today I'm going to show you our guest room! This is probably the biggest blessing of our new home because we can offer out-of-town guests a comfortable place to stay. There's a full bath right next to it, and since we're sleeping upstairs, whoever is staying in this room will hopefully be spared the hubs's snoring. :)

View from the door that connects to the dining room

From dining room door, to the right

From where the blue chair is (door is a closet)

We'll probably be adding some curtains to it at some point, and another night stand for the side of the bed near the windows. I also have some things to hang on the walls, but other than that it's fairly finished. (The blue chair isn't staying, we just had to shove it somewhere for now.)

View from the blue chair to the right (windows overlook backyard)

View from the windows (doors, left to right: to the hallway, to the dining room, closet)

View from windows to the left

The New

> The sheets (which you can't really see, but they were a good sale score at Kohl's)

The Thrifted

> All the throw pillows on the bed came from various estates sales (one from a thrift store)

> The blue chair was a find on Craigslist in L.A.

> The lamp was one of the hubs's scores from a Goodwill in Santa Monica

The Gifted

> The duvet set was a wedding present from our family friends in Texas. It is seriously sooo nice and soft and has served us really well. It's originally from Crate & Barrel.

> The entire bedroom set was mine when I was in high school, and my parents graciously relinquished it when we moved back to the Lou.

Oh, I almost forgot. I snapped a shot of one of the doorknobs, which are the same throughout the house. I love the detail on them!

Hope you are enjoying the tour. We'll finish up this floor tomorrow! 

{Images by me}

1 comment:

  1. I love it!

    But I have to ask... if the blue chair in the guest room is only there for a little bit, does that mean that it, too, is a guest?

    How fitting! :-)


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