Shacking Up With the Styleses {Kitchen}

Okay my dear readers. The next stop on the house tour is our kitchen. Let me just make a note that from here on out, we'll be getting into progressively less-finished rooms, so do pardon some of the still-unpacked boxes. :)

View from little hallway between dining room and kitchen

View from dining room to the left

View from the pantry/door to the back staircase

Anywho...the hubs and I really do love our kitchen, which is important because we love to cook. My parents and cousins came over a couple weeks ago to make dinner, and we could have up to four or five people in the room and still not feel cramped (love!).

View from the cabinets (door on the left is a pantry, door on the right goes to the back porch)

View from the butcher block

View from the pantry/porch door

View from the sink

I will admit though that at first I felt the openness of the design was a bit odd. I'm used to refrigerators being tucked into little nooks that make them even with the wall; and the same with stoves, really. But that kind of design became common much later than when this house was built, and in the past month I've come to hardly notice it.

Pantry next to the back door

And the storage we have...good gracious. Not only do we have that wall of cabinets where the sink is, but two walk-in pantries! I've settled my small appliances and serving pieces in one, and the other is a sad sight; we've put all our dry goods and canned goods and the like in there, and it only takes up one of the five shelves.

But by far my favorite feature is the window above the door to the back porch (anyone know the technical name?) that we can open to let the heat out while we're cooking.

From the kitchen onto the upper back porch

To the right on the porch

My little windowsill where one day more plants will grow

The New

> That trash can by the refrigerator (I know...so glamorous!)

> The dish rack (that you can hardly see)

The Thrifted

> All the little lovelies on the windowsill (except the monogram mugs, which everyone knows are Anthropologie)

> Our sugar and coffee cans on the counter (for the hubs's morning brew)

> The snowflake and Amish Pyrex patterns in the pantry (the Gooseberry was a gift from my great-aunt), and the bright yellow Dansk sauce pot.

The Gifted

> That rolling butcher block island was in my parents' basement, and it's been a Godsend for when I want to bake (and as an extra place to chop things for dinner).

> The stand mixer (a.k.a. every girl's dream) was a wedding gift from my lovely sister-in-law and her husband.

> The tea kettle was another wedding present from our dear family friends. It's originally from Bed, Bath & Beyond (and is the Paula Deen brand, I believe).

View from the porch to the puppy below

Some things we're thinking of doing include a new blind or curtain for the window by the sink; new hardware for the cupboards; shelves over the butcher block to house my cookbooks; something on the wall above the stove (possibly an art print or a pot rack); and maybe a shallow breakfast bar/counter and stools on the big wall to the right as you walk in.

The porch we're really excited about for the coming warmer months. We're on the hunt for some comfy patio chairs and a little round coffee table; we'll also going to do some planter boxes along the rail for an herb garden; and I want to hang some white lights along the ceiling. There are also hooks where we could hang shades if we want a bit of privacy, and I might like to try my hand at sewing some. Anyone have a good tutorial or experience with that?

Any other ideas??

Thanks for stopping by!

{Images by me}


  1. The window is called a transom.
    And, have you heard of long meadow rescue ranch? I could prob. Hook you up if you want details.
    -ghetto booty

  2. There's only one Brian I know that would have those two parting words. :p

    Are we transom twins? Is that how you know what they're called?

    I have heard of that ranch, and would love some details! Would also love to see you, too!

  3. As I was reading, I was going to comment to let you know that the window was called a transom but I see Brian beat me to it. We had one in our flat that we lived in and loved it also! Your place looks lovely, Beth, and I know how nice it is to have your own place and space! Enjoy! - Linda B (a dear family friend)

  4. I adore how sunny your kitchen looks!! It looks like you have perfect light for the "glossy magazine" or "high-end design blog" look.


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