Style Spots: Quick Trips

Happy Monday all! Hope your weekend was splendid. We had some gorgeous weather yesterday and spent the morning and afternoon at Forest Park, where we brunched at The Boathouse, went on a paddle boat, walked around, then ended up at Ted Drewes for a concrete treat. I even got sunburned! I know...who gets excited about that? Usually not me, but it's a nice reminder that warmer weather is on its way! :)

This week's Style Spots all come from quick trips I made into thrift stores while running other errands. It's a bit of a short list, but I found some things I'm really excited about.

Early last week the hubs and I drove out to St. Charles to pick up a dining set. While there I of course did a quick Google Maps search to see if there were any thrift stores nearby. We made it to a St. Vincent and a Goodwill, but Salvation Army was closed by the time we got there. Not much vintage to be found, but I did get...

This fun mod orange carafe

Some more Butterfly Gold for our almost-complete set!

These cute little red, white and blue handmade napkins.

The rest of the week I made a couple trips to fabric stores to try and find some upholstery fabric I liked to recover the dining room chairs. No such luck on that front yet, but I popped into a Goodwill and a Value Village while I was out and came back with...

A bag of vintage fabric, some scrap-size.

Two round, down-stuffed striped pillows

A neat little glass jug I'm going to use as a vase, a hermetic bottle and a green glass candle holder

Another white vase to add to my collection

This gold-speckled canister goes perfectly with the ones we put in our bathroom that I thrifted last week

A kitschy key wall hanging

And a cute little chest on wheels...

Which I'm going to repaint and reupholster. Then it'll become storage in my crafty room.

Did you find any neat treats this week? I would love to hear about them!

Also be sure to check in at Thrift Share Monday, Flea Market Finds and The Penny Worthy Project, where other thrift-minded ladies (and lads) are posting their finds, too! 

{Images by me}


  1. What great finds! Love that key. Visiting you from Thrift Share Monday.

  2. Love your finds! We to are collecting the Butterfly Gold pattern!

  3. That key is so popular!! My friend picked one up at mcc for 50 cents and i also found another at an antique show too (quite larger).. im surprised how much they're around, great finds!!!
    love the chest, and the butterfly gold (which you would find complete sets here ALL THE TIME since its cotinuously floods our thrift store).

  4. that chest? is the exact same one we had when I was little for our dress up clothes--SO COOL

  5. Angie: Yay! Such a pretty (and findable!) pattern. We've almost got a full dish set, then moving on to the casseroles and mixing bowls. :)

    Thrifty-Tuesdays: That is so fun! That's happened to me before, too, where I pick something up and then see it's been thrifted elsewhere at the same time. Kinda makes us feel more connected, eh?

    Laura: No way! I wonder if it's the exact one that you had?? That would be super cool. :)

  6. I love the chest. It is so much fun to fix up items like that and add your own personality. And, really not done yet with "butterfly":}

  7. That key is amazing! Is it as heavy as it looks?

  8. Fun, fun, fun! I love the gold flecked canister and the orange topped jug especially. We had a dress up chest like that too! Must be a 70's childhood thing. :)

  9. Jackie: No, no. Not heavy at all, really. It's that plastic that's made to look like metal. Would be nice if it were something like steel, though. Then I could use it to keep the hubs in line. I kid, I kid... :)

  10. I love your milk glass vase, beautiful!


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