Sustainable Style: Batucada Jewels

When talking about France-based Batucada Jewels, I think the term "wearable art" most definitely applies. All their jewelry, which spans from necklaces to bracelets to arm bands to earrings, has a striking quality when put against the skin. The openness of the design, and the mobility of the material help it hug the curve of your wrist and drape the line of your neck, almost like it was tattooed on.

But enough of my rambling admiration! Let's talk about how they're helping the environment: Not only is their rubber-like material made from certified eco-friendly components, but they ship their products in recycled and recyclable paper (yay!).

These would be a great gift for your fashion-forward friend or relative, and they come in a wide array of colors, so you're sure to find the right fit the next time their birthday rolls around!

Click here to find an online store in your country. 

{Images courtesy of Batucada Jewels}

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