Sustainable Style: Colin & Livia Firth

Can I just say how excited I was when Colin Firth won the Academy Award for Lead Actor? I have been in love with him as an actor ever since he graced my television for six hours as Mr. Darcy in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, and now I have even more reason to dote on him, thanks mostly to his lovely wife, Livia.

The pair showed up to the prestigious awards show in recycled clothing. Her absolutely stunning dress was actually made from 11 different dresses sourced from nonprofit thrift and vintage stores, AND all the dresses were from the era of when The King's Speech took place!

Her jewelry was all fair trade, sourced from a community-owned mine in Zambia and a women-owned cooperative mine in Lesotho. As for the dashing and dapper Mr. Darcy, his tuxedo was designed and made by Tom Ford with all ethical materials.

Livia has been a strong voice in the fair trade scene, having founded an online boutique called Eco Age. In her online bio there she states that, "Colin and I have become so much more aware of the fact that as individuals we have a responsibility to respect our environment, if not for ourselves then certainly for our children... Eco is all about making simple and positive choices to improve our environment, and our homes are the place where this starts."

Well said! 

{Images courtesy of Eco Age}


  1. Wow. That's gorgeous, and what a fantastic concept.

  2. And they appear to be posing for a photo in thier hotel room? Just like we (us little people) do for special occasions. Or that is what I think it looks like. LOVE HIM. He even looked good in that silly sweater on Bridget Jones.


  3. This is amazing and inspiring. So wonderful to see people with such a strong voice shouting from the Oscars


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