DIY Friday

Okay lads & ladies...there have been some great projects in the past week, and I've been bookmarking them like crazy! So pull out you crafty jeans, break out the scissors, glue & felt, because you're gonna want to get down 'n dirty with these DIYs.

I spotted these tin can wedding favors over at Ruffled (they were made by Melanie of You Are My Fave), and I love their simplicity because you can customize the design in so many ways. And you don't have to be getting married to make them; they'd be a great idea for an herb garden, party decorations, or an everyday gift.

Pantone and its wonderful chips are all the craze it seems, and How About Orange shows you how to take some you might have lying around and turn them into adorable magnets with Mod Podge!

Mason jar pendant lights have been on my list of things to try for a while, and Poppytalk gave a nice reminder of that with a couple links to tutorials. The one above comes from the BootsnGus Etsy store if you're looking for a finished product (I love the colors!).

The hubs and I have quite a collection of photo booth snapshots (including the one when he proposed, clever man), and when I saw this over at Creative Mama, I thought it could be a great way to showcase them. Again, there are so many ways you could customize the plank, and the clips won't ruin the photos! Love.

Truth be told, this project made my heart jump quite a bit because I always see these ugly brass lamps at thrift stores and can never think of anything to do with them that I would actually use. But this end table via Richmond Thrifter has lots of promise! And if you happen to have a big frame and two lamps...boom, you could make a longer table, too. So inspired.

This decopaged bowl from Under the Sycamore (spotted at Mod Podge Rocks) is so, so charming! Love the combinations of colors, size and texture, and the freshness all of that gives to this ordinary bowl.

Over at One Sydney Road, things are really inspired. She made chalkboard tags for her magazine holders, inspired by the ones in the first picture. I love both!

Which of these projects are you going to try?? 

{Images courtesy of named blogs}

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