Shacking Up With the Styleses {Library & Entrance Hall}

Happy, happy Friday all! Have you any fun plans for the weekend?? I'm hoping the sun holds out for us the next couple days, because we'd love to do some work in the backyard and get to planting! Tonight we're celebrating a friend's birthday at Dave & Buster's, and I know craziness will ensue given the crowd that's going. Then tomorrow my mom and grandma are stopping by for some hangout time. Perhaps I can coax them into helping me finish those dining room chairs....hmmm.

Today we're going to wrap up the first floor of our new place by taking a look at our entryway and the hubs's library. I'm not really into photographs of bathrooms; they're just a wee bit...personal. So you won't be finding any on this tour. If you'd like your money back, well, too bad. :)

So above is what you'd see if you walked through our front door. The house is split into two units (top and bottom instead of shotgun-style), so our "apartment" (I use that term loosely because it feels very much like a house) is the top two floors of the house. It has been a bit of an adjustment to going up and down so many stairs, but a little extra cardio never hurt anyone...

To the left of the entrance you'll see one of my favorite features: a push-button light switch. These turn the porch light and the stairway light on and off. There's another one at the top of the stairs, too, so you don't have to always go up and down to turn the stairway light on and off.

View from landing at the top of the stairs

At the top of the stairs to the left is a built-in bench...

That also lifts up for extra storage. I love, love, love this feature; it's the one thing I couldn't shake from my memory after we first looked at this place. Right now I'm trying to decided whether to put pillows on it or make a cushion. What do you think?

If you keep going to the left past the bench, you'll find this awesome little nook that I happily gave over to the hubs for his library/study/cocktail room. He's always wanted built-in bookcases (he reads like a maniac and we almost have these shelves filled already), and soon he'll hang up his collection of beer mirrors so that there will be no mistaking whose room it is. :) We're also looking out for a pole lamp to go behind the chair, and a bar cart for his cocktail set.

The (very bright) window in between the bookcases lifts up so that you can go onto the upper front porch. We're hoping to get a little bistro set to put out there for morning coffee and evening wine. Ha.

View of our neighborhood from the porch

This will clearly be Sadie's spot of choice once it gets warmer and we have this open more often.

Back inside, view from the door

View from the chair

The Thrifted

> All of those beer mirrors. It's one of the few things that I can use as motivation to get the hubs to go thrifting with me.

> Lots of those books. I'd love to go over them with you one by one, but I'd like to go eat lunch now.

The Gifted

> That black leather chair was one my parents thrifted at a local church rummage sale. It was in their basement and they (yet again) very graciously let us have it for this room. It was originally from a rectory, so I'm sure the hubs has many hours of philosophizing ahead of him.

Well, that wraps up the tour for today. We'll finish it up next week! Have a great weekend! 

{Images by me}

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