Shacking Up With the Styleses {My Crafty Room}

Alright, y'all. Please be kind, cause this is the least finished room of them all! My brain has been buzzing like a little bee these days with all kinds of ideas for the house, the store, etc., and every time I try to unpack this space a little more I inevitably get distracted by some new project.

View from hallway

From door, to the right

All that aside, I am thankful every day for this room. In the mornings I wander in here, plop down on the futon and start blogging, reading, taking photos for the store, whatever my mind wanders toward. And when I'm done, I can leave my mess where it lies, shut the door and return when creativity decides to knock again. (It hasn't paid a visit quite as much as I'd like, but I think that's part and parcel of still getting settled.)

From window across from door

From window, to the left (eek! messy desk!)

I also love the idea of this being a space without limitations, where I can experiment with different decor ideas I might not try in any of the other rooms. Just a giant blank canvas for me to splash however much paint I want onto it. :)

Across from desk, my Etsy closet, full of secret vintage finds :)

From desk to the right

Some things I'm looking for to finish the main parts of this space include a desk for under the window on the right where I can keep my sewing machine out and ready; a coffee table; an office chair; and probably some wall shelves. I'm also thinking of sewing a curtain to go underneath the tall tables so all those plastic storage drawers aren't such an eyesore.

From other window/nook

From closet

The New(ish)

> The dark brown tables and cabinets are from Ikea. We bought them for our office in Santa Monica and liked them enough to drag 'em across the country.

> The futon is also from Ikea. We sprung for the more comfortable mattress so it can be used for additional sleeping space when guests pay a visit.

The Thrifted

> I can't even make a list of this, because it's almost everything you see in the room (and the closet).

The Gifted

> The dress form is from a store on eBay. The hubs bought it for me this past Christmas & I love him to bits for it.

> The vintage camera calendar I have strung above the desk is a Christmas present from my mom. It comes from the Lola's Room Etsy store and I luuuv it. I'm thinking of putting my own vintage camera collection on the wall below it.

> My new sewing machine was also a Christmas present from mom and dad, so I have them to thank for the hours and hours of enjoyment I get out of it.

Okay, kiddos. That's a wrap for the home tour! I hope you've enjoyed your sneak peeks! I'll be sure and post updates as the details come together more. Thanks to all of you who've emailed me ideas and suggestions; I'll definitely be taking some of them to heart.


{Images by me}


  1. hey beth, it's amy used-to-be-maloof from yogi times :)

    just found your blog and i'm in LOVE with your house. yum!

  2. Hey Amy! Thank you for checking out the blog! How are you doing these days? Still in San Fran? Or am I way behind on life? :)

  3. Oh my gosh, how awesome that you have this space! Every NYC apartment dweller is probably seething with jealousy right now...there is truly nothing more luxurious than having a spot for creativity to be fully unleashed!

  4. We live in Denver now! Kind of random, but it's a good city :) We've got a house now, too (tho renting) -- much more to do than in apartment livin!


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