Style Spots: South County Scores

Happy, happy Monday! I trust you all had a good weekend? Ours was fairly busy; Friday I was up to my ears in fact-checking for a local magazine. Saturday was my daddio's birthday, and we went to Sage for dinner (it's down in Soulard right across from the brewery). There weren't a ton of veggie options (only two), but I did have a great salad with a garlic balsamic dressing that was to die for. After that we went back to our place for dessert: cannolis from Missouri Bakery and a German chocolate cake from Federhofer's (pictured below).

Sunday was me trying to do more fact-checking, plus working on an article that's due today; my brain was so sufficiently fried that it decided it wanted to sleep much earlier than normal and I missed a Skype date with one of my former roomies (sorry The Swan!).

In all the madness, however, I was able to catch some morning sales on Saturday and Sunday. Two of the six I attended turned out fairly well; the others were already pretty picked over by the time I arrived. But I did go home with...

Six blue Ball mason jars, which will be perfect for canning this summer (once I buy some lids)...

Two 8mm film movies. The hubs is looking for a 8mm projector to rent out for his business, so I once he gets one, we can use it to watch these movies (one of the perks of being married to an A/V guy). 

Six wooden spools to add to my growing collection. They'll look great on the sill behind my sewing nook...

A box of old nails that are wired together to be used in a nail gun. And while that sounds like a fun stress reliever, I think I'm going to make some sort of wall art with them. The tops are an iridescent color and I'm just kind of drawn to the coiled circles they make. 

A white ceramic pineapple lamp that makes me smile...

Three vintage hats for the show/store...

Two canisters for the show/store...

Another hobnail vase and a milk glass cake stand...

I love that whoever manufactured this decided to add some detail to the underside...

A kitschy tea towel with a calendar from 1974 and two bundles of fabric. I absolutely love the color palette on it and will use it for inspiration for our kitchen...

A metal cage basket...

A fish can opener and a lobster one...

A big frame painted (somewhat badly) in gold...

And my favorite thing from the weekend: a giant industrial spool! I've been wanting one (and more) of these for over a year now, and I spotted this in the backyard of the last sale amid a bunch of empty boxes that were headed for the trash. I asked the lady running the sale if they were going to toss it, and she said yes. When I asked if I could have it, she said, "Sure..." with a look of "What the h*** are you going to do with that thing?" But I already had the perfect plan: I put it on the upper back porch, where it's currently serving as a table! Eventually I'm going to give it a rustic coat of paint, and perhaps glue some rope around the stem, but for now it's perfect. :)

What goodies did you find this weekend? Do tell! And also check out Thrift Share Monday, Flea Market Finds & The Penny Worthy Project while you're at it! 

{Images by me}


  1. Good finds! I especially love the tea towel--I've been crazy for vintage tea towels lately.

  2. I found a burnt orange wing chair for my room! it's my new meditation/computer/journaling/reading local! Love the glass jars, wire bin, and table.

  3. You are my kind of thrifter! I found some of those wooden spools for the first time this year. The hats...I cannot find vintage hats ANYWHERE here in Tampa. On eBay, they go for a fortune for the lots of them.

  4. About the industrial spool table, not sure if this would work or be the look you would go for I can see taking a long piece of rope, starting in the middle and making a spiral formation into a circle to cover the entire top adhering the rope somehow along the way. Then when that is dry, put a piece of thick glass cut to the size of the circle to place on top for a table top. Nice finds. :) I am a big fan of milk glass.

  5. Lots of amazing finds, love the fish & lobster openers (I've been on a nautical kick for the past 6 months) and the industrial spool as an outdoor table is smashing-- you should post a photo once it's in its new home!

  6. Love your giant spool! My grandfather used to have so many of those at his farm and us kids would turn them over and walk on them like circus clowns. I recently saw someone staple oil cloth to the top of hers as it makes a great outdoor tablecloth.

  7. Thanks all for your sweet comments!

    Jeannie: Great idea for sprucing up the spool! I'll definitely take it into consideration when the time comes.

    Leilani: I will def snap a shot of the porch (and spool) once everything is settled.

    Bounty Huntress: I have a lovely picture in my head of crazy clowns riding spools now...not sure whether to thank you or not. :) And thanks for the oil cloth idea!

  8. Oh my goodness, such a great haul! Firstly I am pea green with envy at your milk glass as I have fallen rather in love with it of late but it is so incredibly impossible to come across on this side of the pond! As for the spool table...speechless...it is ACE!... nuff said! x

  9. I love your milk glass cake stand, I'm on the look out for one. Found one in the salvos and they had $95 on it. The pineapple lamp is divine too. I'm picturing a bright yellow shade.


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