Sustainable Style: Natural Egg Dyeing

So Easter is on its way, and I realized last week that I haven't dyed eggs since I was in grade school! I guess it makes sense, since it's geared more toward the little ones, but lately I've been spotting some sophisticated tutorials for the DIY-minded adult, all using natural ingredients!

Turmeric, onion peels, cabbage...they're all great for extracting beautiful colors. So plan some meals that use foods from the following tutorials, save the leftovers, and you're on your way to some natural beauty. Take the sustainability factor up a notch by putting some cage-free, organic eggs in your grocery basket, too!

Whiteley Creek Homestead Bed and Breakfast made these beauties pictured above. She used recipes from Lakewinds Natural Foods Co-op, and even took a tip from her daughter, who suggests wrapping rubber bands around the eggs before and in between dyeing, giving them an artistic touch.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess also has some good tricks and trips for natural dyeing, including a list of great spices and foods to use, and how to use a hot and a cold method.

Better Homes and Gardens has a short but sweet list on natural dye recipes that's definitely worth a gander (and I love that they shot this photo using Ball jars).

If you're not looking to make this a several-hours-long affair, there are some natural egg-dyeing kits out there in the world.

Eco-Eggs is widely available and they use natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts in their dyes. It comes with three colors (orange, blue and purple) and a color chart for creating six more!

There's also one by Jupiter's Child, which creates a paste dye that's meant to be applied with your hands. The kit comes with five colors (green, yellow, orange, pink and purple), a wooden egg stand for when the masterpiece is finished, and three paper rings to wrap around the eggs to create different patterns.

I know what I'm going to do this weekend!

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