The Thrifted Kitchen {Cookbooks}

Good morning/afternoon all! How has your week been thus far? Hopefully there aren't too many work woes happening for you. But I've got just the thing to pick you up if there are! Some lovely vintage eye candy, courtesy of an estate sale I hit up last Friday.

Usually when I go to sales, I head straight for the kitchen, because there is usually a treasure trove of vintage cooking-related paper ephemera, and almost always the least expensive stuff in there. Maybe it's the design, or the often-hilarious wording, but old recipes and cookbooks make my heart skip a beat.

At this sale there was a packet of it for $1.00 that I scooped up right away. It was taped up pretty good, so I couldn't really make out what was in there, but when I got home and opened it up, I found some amazing things: a calendar of recipes from the 1940s; a packet of recipes from famous dining cars; a beautiful two-page spread on fruit pies cut from a newspaper in 1942; and loads of little recipes that companies like PET Milk and Hamilton included with their products.

The three I'm most excited about, however, are these:

Since we're trying to grow veggies this year, I know this Ball Blue Book will come in handy when it's time to can the surplus!

I also think this is one interesting, not only for the fact that it was published during the war, but that the war kind of made people partial-vegetarians because of the circumstances of money and supplies.

And this cake recipe book, though totally worn and falling apart, is amazing. The design is super Victorian and delicate, and the pages would almost be worth framing.

Hopefully I'll be able to make some Thrifted Kitchen dishes from these in the coming weeks and share the results with you! Until then I'd love to know if you collect little books like these, too! What are your favorites? Why do you think you're drawn to them? 

{Images by me}


  1. Oh i have a few cookbooks that look just like that from my grandmother - I have them all saved int special ziplock bags so they stop falling apart! So cute...
    Meagan, row house nest

  2. Great finds! I too love stuff put out during the War because it provides insight to daily life then that you just don't get from History books. One of my favorite finds is from the Cold War (published in 1966 by the Department of Defense) on Personal and Family Survival. Basically it tells you all about how to build and stock a bomb shelter, among other things. It's pretty fascinating.
    However, one of my most treasured cookbook finds was from the estate of a friend of my Mom's. It is the Twentieth Century Cookbook and Practical Housekeeping. The copyright is from 1900. It is pretty rough shape, but utterly fascinating to (carefully) look through.
    Happy hunting and I can't wait for the next Thrifted Kitchen!

  3. Great post! I'm a cookbook collector too but am culling together some of the best ones I have to give to my vintage cookbook collecting mother on Mother's Day. The sheet music finds were great also. Gosh, such nice things you found! Love the blog too. :)


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