Shacking Up With the Styleses {Updates}

Hello my lovelies! So it's been a while since I gave you a photo tour of our new home, and I thought it high time I fill you in on some additions we've acquired and decor we've hung up! I've been starting with the smaller nooks because all this wall space seriously intimidates me, so first up is my little sewing nook.

I found this desk at a church rummage sale across the river in Illinois. It was a teacher's desk, so the back right corner has a pencil sharpener screwed onto the top, which I love. For now I'm keeping it as is. I might change the hardware at some point to break up all the brown, but we'll see!

The chair came from the Vallue Village in Fenton and was only $6! It is really old, and the wood is beautiful. Plus it fits perfectly into the opening in the desk, like they were MFEO (anyone else watch Sleepless in Seattle on TV last weekend?).

The wall on the right has become the proud host of that spool rack I thrifted this past weekend. The sewing table drawer you see on top of the desk will eventually be hung on the wall under the rack, then I'll have all my thread readily available!

Perhaps you'll recognize these beautiful wooden spools sporting beautiful 100% cotton thread from several months ago? I really love multi-taskers like this setup, where it's practical and visually pleasing.

Moving next door to our bedroom, I'm please as punch to announce that we finally have a set of dressers! We got them from a couple on Craigslist, who in turn had purchased them from an antique store.

They were exactly what I wanted: the shape of something from the '40s with an updated color. And the pulls and knobs are beautiful! The previous owner had tried a distressed look on the trim (emphasize the word tried), but luckily she held onto the quart of paint she had used on the dressers, so I'm going to go back over the "distressed" parts to have everything be one color.

I pulled a couple dresser scarves from my vintage linen stash to put on top for now, and above the chest of drawers I hung up some toll painting my grandma (on my dad's side) had done years ago. She passed when I was 15, and there are many times I regret never having learned how to do this delicate art form. She was quite crafty and loved to paint, sew and quilt, so I hope some of that talent has trickled down the line.

The wooden jewelry box housing my pins and hair clips was also hers, and the teal jewelry box with my rings belonged to my great-aunt Eileen. Then there's the mirror I thrifted a while ago and a picture of me and the hubs from our wedding. Needless to say this has quickly become one of my favorite walls in the house...so many good memories on it.

You might notice that the dresser seems to be missing a mirror...and you would be right! We had a bit of an accident when we were trying to attach it, and ended up with a plastic tub of broken glass. :( So...here's my question to you: Should we get a piece of mirror cut to replace it? Or should I cut some cork to fit, cover it with fabric, and then use pins to hang jewelry on it? Any other ideas? Your thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated!

Another favorite spot in our bedroom is at the foot of the bed, where we've recently placed a beautiful cedar chest that came from the hubs's side of the family. His dad refinished it and his parents gave it to us as a wedding present. I just love it so much (especially those rounded, knobby legs!); anything that is passed down through family members is just so special to me. So thank you Ray and Chris! :) 

(On a side note: Yes, I know we're in desperate need of a duvet set! I have my eye on this one from West Elm in the Dandelion color...just waiting to see if the price drops some more. Then I'll pounce!)

Moving downstairs to the front stairway, we finally put an assortment of things together as a "dump station" for keys, shoes and mail. We used a big old wooden clamp I thrifted in Orange, Calif. I screwed some hooks into the front for key hangers, and it's just deep enough to house some trinkets...such as my mini family of brass penguins!

I got them in Orange as well; my friend Becky tried to get me to leave one behind at the antique store, but the part of me that personifies everything saw them as a beautifully mismatched family, and I didn't have the heart to make one of them an orphan. (Love you Becky!) :)

I also clearly love the idea of hanging sewing table drawers on walls...this one was a housewarming/wedding present from my bro and sis-in-law, and it's really helpful in keeping our mail organized. So thank you two!

Lastly, into the living room to see the new pillow setup on the couch! I thrifted that middle one a couple weekends ago, then used a Pier 1 gift card to purchase to two big turquoise pillows. The orange and brown silk ones were estate sale finds some months ago, and all together I love the color palette, so now I'm looking for other ways to bring it in.

You might have noticed the orange rug that was once in the guest room is now here, and the white one was moved upstairs. I like it for now, but I think eventually I'd like a lighter color in the living room...maybe a light turquoise or a natural fiber like jute? If you know of any rugs that would go well, please do post a link! Would love some help deciding...

I have a couple other projects I'm working on that I'll be sure and post when they're finished! Hope you enjoyed the bits and pieces we've been bringing together. If not, well...I guess you just have bad taste. (I kid, I kid!). :) 

{Images by me}


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing your beautiful home with all its gorgeous bits and pieces! I particularly love the spool rack. Not only practical, it hangs like a piece of art. And that chair is an enviable BARGAIN! Very lovely :)


  2. Lovely! I love the spool rack especially. I would dig one of those for necklaces or scarves.


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