Style Spots: Hit & Miss

Happy Monday my thrifty friends! Hope you had a great weekend and were able to get out and find some great sales. This past week was fairly busy, so Saturday was the only day I was able to get to some estate sales. It was definitely hit and miss (as the title suggests); I went to about five and only found stuff at two of them. The rest I walked out empty-handed, which is a pretty rare feat for me. Maybe it means I'm maturing as a thrifter? I hope so... :)

The first place I went was a local church rummage sale. I ended up with three dresses (two for the shop and one for me!), and wanted a lot more. They had two racks of beautiful vintage clothing, but the prices were ones you'd find at a boutique shop, so I had to pass. I really had my eye on an unused (with tags) bathing suit from the '50s; it was gorgeous, but I would've spent my budget for the day on just that item (boo).

Next was an estate sale and another church rummage sale, both of which I left empty-handed. Then the hubs had to go to work, so I hopped in my car and checked out two more, one in University City and one in Florissant. The former had some nice things, but the prices were too high for me. The latter, however, I finally found some stuff...

An oval mirror with a red frame

Some vintage ladybug wrapping paper

A stack of mismatched vintage fabric napkins

Two vintage coffee cans

A Pyrex Cinderella bowl in the cream-and-black Gooseberry pattern

Two vintage aprons

A spool shelf (that clearly needs some dusting!) for my sewing nook

And a wire basket much like one I thrifted some weeks ago

After this I thought about calling it a day, but stopped at one more before going home. It was on New Sappington road, and the house was a sprawling ranch style with huge rooms. I almost got lost a couple times! There were several things I thought about picking up, such as a set of Butterfly Gold that included a serving bowl and a platter, but it also came with eight mugs, which we certainly have enough of, so I passed. I also found an aluminum Christmas tree in the basement (something I've been looking for ages for), but it didn't have a stand (I know...an easy fix, but I have to stop buying things that need extra work!) and it had the silver-and-blue pom poms, which I wasn't a fan of. So I passed on that as well. But I did go home with three items...

An old wooden spool

Three of these plastic deer heads that I'm going to paint white

And two wooden folding chairs that are super sturdy and look lovely on our porch!

Okay...your turn! :)

I'm also linking up with Thrift Share Monday, Flea Market Finds and The Penny Worthy Project, so be sure and hop over there to see what other thrifted goodies await your perusal! 

{Images by me}


  1. Wow! You really found some great pieces! Congrats....and please, show how the deer heads turn out.

  2. Hey Callie! Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely post the deer heads once they've had a makeover and a spot on the wall. :)

  3. The wrapping paper is too sweet! I can only imagine all of the wonderfully colorful string spools that you are going to put on that holder... I hope to see a picture!

  4. plastic deer heads? too cool!
    all of your stuff is great...I love the spool shelf, handy and wont it look pretty when you store your sewing cottons on it.
    I really like your mirror pic...I have got a cr----- camera and have not been sure on how to photograph mirrors minus my reflection...I've got an idea now...ta

  5. I love the ladybug wrapping paper (reminds me of childhood summers) and the graphics on the old coffee cans. You should post pictures of the dresses too!

  6. Great finds!! I want me a plastic deer head!! :) --catching up..I'm so behind!

  7. Callie: Just painted the deer heads tonight, so I'll be posting an update on them either tomorrow or Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Vintage Scapes: Check out today's update on our home decor and you'll see your imagination has (hopefully) come to life! :)

    Kylie: Glad the mirror pic gave you some inspiration for your photography! They really are tricky to capture, especially when you don't want your blurred reflection staring back at you (as I'm often in scrubby clothes and it'd be so embarrassing!)

    Leilani: I will definitely post some pics of the dress if you'd like to see them. Perhaps I'll do a quick shoot tomorrow.

    Bounty: Glad to have you later than never! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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