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So this past week of thrifting was pretty rad. Most of the stuff I found was kitchenware, which I can safely (and unabashedly) say I'm obsessed with. And even better, it was kitchenware from the '50s (for the most part). It all came from two thrift stores, three garage sales and an estate sale, all of which I found using my newly downloaded iGarageSale app. It's pretty amazing, and I could probably write a couple paragraphs about it, but instead head over to Apron Thrift Girl and check out Selena's review. That's where I first learned about it, and we both have the same reasons for loving it, so why rewrite history?

Okay...on to the show! :)

I found this shelf at a garage sale and it fits perfectly next to the stove for our cooking supplies.

A speckled lotus-shaped dish with splatters of orange, green, yellow and teal

A Fire King dish in an iridescent orange (I also got one in white)

A tall bottle with white and teal stripes

A teal-capped chopper

A Pyrex bowl with a spout

Two Butterfly Gold mixing bowls and a Spring Blossom casserole dish

A clear Pyrex pot of some sort. It has a spout and the lid has a catch, so I'm thinking it's for heating water? Anyone out there know for sure?

A teal metal basket that I'm thinking of hanging on the wall above the stove for things like salt and pepper that we use a lot when we're cooking.

An old Sparklet seltzer water dispenser. I'm going to see if I can track down some of the old glass bottles.

Not really old, but I couldn't resist the color and shape. I've gone a bit lamp-crazy.

Four place mats and five mismatched fabric napkins

A sophisticated summer purse

Some beautiful vintage ribbon

I'm sad there were only 10 on here, but I couldn't resist these little metal number tacks.

Two pairs of earrings

A gorgeous Dansk sauce pot that's in amazing condition on the inside

Six Glasbake honey/jam pots

A Glasbake mixing bowl with spout (that looks just like the Pyrex) and three Glasbake soup bowls

Two honey pots with beautiful wood handles and honeycombs

An old globe that the hubs (using his ever-expansive geographical knowledge) is dating to about 1958.

And an enamel pasta pot that the guy selling said was a Georges Briard. It's not signed, but it does look like his design, so we'll go ahead and say, "sure."

Well, that's it my lovelies! Did you score any good finds this week? I'd love to hear about them! Also be sure and check out Thrift Share Monday, Flea Market Finds and The Penny Worthy Project! 

{Images by me}


  1. Incredible haul of kitchen goods! I find vintage kitchenware irresistible as well...to the point of wanting to open a booth at the antique store exclusively for reselling kitchen bits ;)

    My favorite here is the little basket!

  2. You rocked the turquoise with your fabulous finds!

    I had so forgotten about those Glasbake soup bowls my grandmother used to use. I had many a bowl of soup in them.

    I love your little kitchen shelf. It's perfect for that spot. (And don't you love Penzey's spices? I sure do.)

  3. Ooh, love the Glasbake honey/jam pots (the colors are super!)

  4. I just kept saying WOW WOW OH WOW! Ummm words can't describe how awesome your finds are!


    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. LOve the speckled bowl, my Great Grandma had a frog sponge holder that was made out of that same speckleware. Jam pot Jackpot! I have one lonely green one. Now you have to decide what to put in them..

  6. Great finds. I have never seen a honey jar quite like the ones with the wood handles. Very Cool.

  7. I'm pretty sure your mystery Pyrex is a an old four-cup flameware coffee percolator (ca. late 1930s-early 1950s). Originally there would've been a metal band around the indentation around the pot and a clear glass or brown handle attached to the band. Inside, there'd be a metal and glass percolating system. You can often find spare insides for these guys on eBay, but your model looks old and rather unusual. (Most of them have a different knob on the lid.) They apparently still make great coffee... I have a complete one that I'm totally petrified to use because it's so, so beautiful and I'm convinced I'll break it! ;)

  8. Wow. Wow. A great weekend! Those honey/jam pots are my favorite, I think, but I love everything!

  9. Van: I totally hear you on a kitchen-centric booth. It's just so hard to pass these things up, but my kitchen is only so big! :)

    Tammy: Penzeys is amazing! It's practically all with cook with. And I could just wander their store for hours!

    Pam: I think I'm going to try and hunt down a couple lids, and other than that, they'd make great desk holders or little vases (maybe with one big hydrangea bloom in each?). Some might also find their way into the store. :)

    Kristen: Thank you for your input! It sounds like you're probably right. I'll have to do some more research to see what I find out. And you should totally use your percolator! I think it's so fun when these things are still practical and usable...I often pretend I'm living back when they were made when I use them...ha! :)

  10. Tammy is right...If you didn't have a turquoise kitchen before, you can rock one, now!!! I love your collection of things & how they blend colors! I would make a Carribean-colors-beach cottage, myself! ;-) Oh, btw...great summer purse, too!

  11. wowie... so so many goodies! That ribbon is sooo nice!

  12. the striped bottle is so cool!! i'll have to look at the garage app!
    In the Hammock Vintage


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