Style Spots: Small-Town Victory

Happy Tuesday all! So you might have noticed I took full advantage of the three-day weekend and was fairly absent from the land of social media. I think it's important to give yourself a teeny break now and then, and I usually take holidays as my excuse to do so.

I am glad to be back, though, and excited to share some thrifted finds! My parents and I headed to Union and Washington, Mo. (about a 40-minute drive) to check out there rummage sale and thrift store action. We learned a valuable lesson about calling ahead, though; when we got to Union and headed to the church where the sale was to take place, we found out it'd been canceled due to a funeral. So we hopped back on the highway and headed north toward Washington, where we went to the local Goodwill. And there I found...

A set of 6 glasses with stainless steel holders

That have a neat leaf-esque design on them

A vintage kitschy tablecloth

A handmade patchwork blanket that is baby- or small child-sized

And 11 quilting squares with flowers sewn on them using vintage fabric

I'm thinking of dropping them with my grandma's quilting club and having them finish it

After that we drove to a resale boutique in downtown Washington (which is really cute, by the way), and I bought a necklace there (forgot to take a picture). We went further up the river to try another thrift store, but it was closed on Saturdays (boo). So then we headed back to St. Louis, stopping at one of my favorite thrift stores in Ballwin, where I found...

Two copies of Ladies' Home Journal...

From 1928!

And a bag of thread/yarn in all the colors of the rainbow (for a crafty project).

That was it for Saturday. Yesterday, all the local Value Villages were having a 50% off sale, so went went to a couple close to our house and found...

A nut dish that I've seen around a lot, but finally bought one since it was so cheap. I can't resist animal kitsch.

Another vintage tablecloth (this one round)

A really nice linen pillow for the guest bedroom

Two vintage straw clutches, perfect for the summer!

And a stack of clothes (6 shirts and 1 skirt) for $12!

What goodies did you find this weekend? I would love to hear about your success stories! In the meantime, I'm going to hop over to Thrift Share Monday, Flea Market Finds, The Penny Worthy Project, Thrifty Treasures and Magpie Monday to see what's been unearthed all over the country!

{Images by me}


  1. Gorgeous weekend finds! I love those glasses and colorful table cloth/quilts. I always take long web breaks whenever possible, too. 'Twas lovely, and now I'm ready to get back at it with fury :)

  2. Oh you found some very, very lovely things! I like all the patchwork quilt items, the vintage tablecloth and the Ladies Home Journals. Thanks for sharing.


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