Style Spots: Rainy Days

So my DSLR decided to be testy this morning, flashing some code I've never seen. As a result, you get photos from my iPhone, which actually isn't all that bad. I just don't have as much control...and I, my dear friends, am a control freak. (I know...lucky me.)

Anywho! This past week turned up some good thrifted finds. On Friday I was finally able to get over to the new Goodwill Outlet, and I was excited to see how it all works because I've never been to one. In my mind I was convinced that it was somehow a scam...surely purchasing things by the pound meant that I would pay more for something than if it had a set price. But I was absolutely wrong. After digging through bins for a little under an hour, I came away with some great vintage goodies, and all for about $7.50. They also had a furniture section, where I saw this beautiful old hutch that just needed a new counter, and it was only $12. I went to the cashier to ask about their holding policy, and she said if I bought it, I'd have to take it with me right then. I cursed the fact that I brought my little Cavalier instead of the hubs's truck, but eventually went back home to switch cars. By the time I got back though, a lady had just bought it! Needless to say I was fairly disappointed, but eventually I accepted that it just wasn't meant to go home with me. So to the lady who did get to bring it home, I hope you enjoy it (and I secretly curse your timeliness). :)

Saturday & Sunday brought a couple rummage sales and estate sales. The weather was awful (rainy and cold), so a lot of the garage sales were canceled. But persistence prevailed, and I came home with a great mix of items for our home and my Etsy store (which I promise will get updated this week! I am SO behind!).

A beautiful vintage hat with netting in excellent shape, and a red straw clutch from Italy.

A fondue set and a dark green Pyrex mixing bowl.

Three spools of thread that I liked for the colors. Thinking they'd look great on a shelf...

A beautiful old bird cage...

I love the detail work at the bottom.

Some vintage pant/skirt hangers.

More fabric napkins! My mismatched collection is certainly growing. :)

Some Rummikub tiles for which I have a crafty idea.

A vintage Royal typewriter I couldn't pass up because I love the color combo and the simple design.

A really neat old tapestry travel bag. I got this at an estate sale where the couple had lived in Latin-American countries for many years, so they had loads of interesting things.

Two vintage aprons from the Goodwill outlet.

A coffee carafe/dispenser from the outlet.

Some vintage pumps from Spain that I already wore this weekend. They fit like a dream.

Two silhouette prints that I thought were sweet.

An old tabletop picture frame.

A small Samsonite travel bag.

Two votive holders and a 1930 copy of Early Moon by Carl Sandburg.

And this embroidered pillow! It has our couch and chair colors in it, and is now my color inspiration for our living room. I actually went to Pier 1 later that day and found two teal pillows that match the color in this one, and bought them with a gift card from our wedding. I'll take a picture of the couch in all its newly frocked glory for you to see!

What goodies did you come across this weekend? I'd love to hear all about it! I'd also love for you to hop over to Thrift Share Monday, Flea Market Finds and The Penny Worthy Project and see what those lovely ladies thrifted! 

{Images by me}


  1. Another lovely haul of finds. My mom has had that same spool of orange thread for years! I have those same pant hangers and use them to hang my favorite art prints :)

    I hope your camera comes back to life soon!

  2. Where do I begin?! So many great goodies, I especially love the tapestry bag, the color is beautiful.
    The samsonite bag, the pumps, the typewriter, the napkins, .... they are all wonderful!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your couch - and I love all the stuff you found!

  4. Oooh love all your finds - fabulous! Stopping by from thrift share monday :o) Scarlett x

  5. The silhouette prints are my favorite treasure here! I love them!

  6. I would have bought the same items. Great taste! :)

  7. Thank you for your comments, ladies! So fun getting to know other thrift- and vintage-minded people! :)

  8. So many amazing finds! Love the bird cage the most but the pillow and the frame are so cool!


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