Sustainable Style: ALLOTINABOX

Last night a friend shared a link on my Facebook wall, and just by the picture I was intrigued. It looked to be some sort of wheel, with a beautiful clean design and bright colors. I clicked on the headline, which took me over to { wit + delight }, and I got a peek of a new-to-me company called ALLOTINABOX.

Based in Southsea, UK, they're passionate about community, sustainability and encouraging people to grow their own produce, and just last month they released these their garden kits, which include five organic seeds packets (carrots, chives, leeks, spinach and spring onion), natural jute twine, plant tags, a grow wheel and an information leaflet. All this packaging is environmentally friendly, and its contents ethically obtained.

The only down side is they don't yet ship to the States. But I'm sending some positive vibes across The Pond with the selfish hope that this company continues to grow so I can partake in this global-minded movement.

To learn more, check out ALLOTINABOX's Facebook & Tumblr pages, and follow them on Twitter!

{Images courtesy of ALLOTINABOX}

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous graphic design and packaging. Is that a nifty seed-starting chart wheel..thing? :) Love this kit, very inspiring.


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