DIY Friday {& Farewell to My Fav Magazine}

Since I read about the folding of ReadyMade last week, I feel like I've been going through a mourning period, not only for this utterly inspiring magazine, but the ones we've been losing as each year passes, especially when you are part of the demographic it serves (however small that may be). It saddens me tremendously that print is in such jeopardy, because there's just nothing like a little present in your mailbox every month that you can hold, skim, and then save in a stack for future inspiration.
ReadyMade has warned its readers to get favorite projects and downloads from the website while we can, so for this week's DIY Friday I wanted to link up to some of my favorites...

{A Storage Trunk Turned Sideboard}

{Make a Globe Lampshade}

{Subwoofer Wall Sconces}

{The Murphy Life: Foldaway Bar}

{A Conceptual Christmas Tree}

{Rack of Ages}

{Pipe Shelving Unit}

{Antique Industrial Sewing Spool Coat Rack}

{Can Decor from the recent RM100 contest}

What are your favorite ReadyMade projects?

{Images courtesy of ReadyMade}

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