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Happy Monday afternoon! A bit of a late start for me today as I was up rather late doing some finishing touches on an article for a local food magazine. I've been freelancing with them since I moved back to St. Louis, and it's been a ton of fun. The content (always food-related) is something I love, so it's almost like not working at all. But I digress...

This weekend was rather busy for us, so I only had a chance to stop by one sale on Saturday morning. It was close to our place, and seemed to have a lot of vintage goodies listed, so I thought it was worth a shot. Turns out — and I don't know if this has ever happened to you — the house had belonged to one of my grandma's close friends who recently passed.

I had no idea was the case until afterward when I showed my family some old issues of Better Homes & Gardens I'd purchased. They looked at the name on the address label and immediately recognized it. That made things a bit bittersweet for me. When I go to these homes, I often think about the people who once owned these things we're all pawing through, trying to figure out what kind of guy or gal they were and in a sense paying them their due respects for letting us rummage through their personal belongings. So when one comes up where there's a personal connection, it intensifies this process for me.

So, after making my way through the house, I went down to the basement, which is where all the things I eventually bought were waiting. One metal shelf was full of old issues of Popular Science, Better Homes and Gardens, Better Living and Family Circle, all from the '50s and '60s.

I am a bit obsessed with vintage magazines (they combine my two loves), so I took a big stack that included all those titles (save the first). I've been reading some of the articles and looking at the ads, and it's just so interesting how different things are today (sociologically speaking). The hubs even flipped through one and said (somewhat exasperated), "These stories are crazy!"

Then the left by the back door I spotted a beautiful teal metal locker. I had no idea what I would use it for, but it was in such great shape (and only $7), that I decided I would find a home for it somewhere (much to my ever-patient husband's dismay).

And, lastly, tucked away among a pile of linens was a brand new (but vintage) red tweed wallet that was just screaming for a purse to nestle in. Perhaps mine? Or perhaps yours? Still deciding if it's going to make it to the shop or not.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Last Sunday my friend and I were driving home from breakfast when I yelled, "Stop! Look at all that furniture in the alley!" So she immediately slammed on the brakes and proceeded to back up for almost a whole block (God love her) and we pulled in front of a garage, where we spotted this neat little buffet.

I've been wanting to practice stripping furniture and repainting it, and I figured what better than something like this, that's free? The outside is in really good condition; it just needs a little hinge work and the shelf on the inside needs to be leveled and tightened, but I think it'll look real cute once all is said and done (especially the little towel rack on the side!).

What thrifted finds did you bring home this weekend?

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  1. Oh wow free stuff!! the little cupboard is gorgeous, I hope you show it when you've worked your magic.

    Those magazines look fascinating - I'd have snapped them up too. I have astash I got at auction a few weeks back nearly 100 years old. It's fascinating just looking at the adverts.

    Thanks so much for linking up, sorry blogger won't let me sing in and comment but it's Missie Lizzie! (@missielizzieb) x

  2. Wow! Can't wait to see what you do with that cupboard, it's crying out for a revamp and I'm totally jealous of that locker, you can sent it to me in the UK when you get bored of it. :)

  3. Teal locker=super cute! And $7??? Steal!

    I got great thrifts. Most especially a NWT Jessica McClintock jacket for 50 cents!

  4. I would have been attracted to those vintage magazines and that locker, too. Great score on the free furniture; it looks like a great piece for you to try out refinishing.

  5. FANTASTIC! love that green cabiniet the best! I always buy magazines. I love sitting and looking at all the pictures

    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. That's a gorgeous stack of mags, locker (the color!), and free buffet! This weekend a friend and I raided a curbside pile of debris. He got a nightstand that looks a bit like your buffet, worn and in need of a little love. I found a lamp and wooden hangers to hang art prints with. I love free bits!

  7. I would have jumped on that locker, too! I bought a set of six half lockers (one unit - 3 over 3) several years ago and we use it to store sports equipment and other outside stuff in our garage.

    And I understand what you mean about the bittersweet experience of being at an estate sale. It is hard not to think about the person who used to live in the house and them buying and using the things that folks (myself included) are digging through. I'd like to think that most folks would be pleased to know that their belongings will be used and loved by others.

  8. I'd love to flip thru those magazines. A few weeks ago I saw 1960s National Geographic at my Salvation Army, I was so tempted to take it home, but I just didnt have room to store them. Great finds!!!


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