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Happy Monday folks! We made it back from Guatemala late Saturday, and let me tell you, it's an absolutely beautiful place. We had so much fun and there was so much to take in, but that's another post. Today is about thrifted finds! And no, they're not from Central America (sorry); they're ones I picked up a couple days before our trip whilst thrifting for Spanish-English dictionaries. I promised the hubs I'd only be searching for those, but how can he expect me to just walk right by some serious eye candy?

I found this sugar/creamer set piled behind a bunch of bowls on a shelf at the Goodwill. It has gold leaves and a light pink border around them. Super cute, but doesn't go with our dining room, so it'll be heading to the store!

I'm really in love with the color of this little Hall pitcher, and it's such a solid piece that's in great condition. Still deciding whether it's for the home or store though.

Some time ago I thrifted a single juice glass in the Butterfly Gold pattern, then at St. Vincent I came across a set of seven of them, but this has alternating colors of gold and brown, which I haven't seen before. But hey, now I have a set!

I'm still researching these glasses, also found at St. Vincent. It's a set of 11, but I figured that's better than a set of five or seven, so I scooped them up for the store. Anyone know the maker? I was thinking Hazel Atlas, but I could be very wrong.

The estate sale was chock full of Pyrex; so much so that my heart rate when up when I saw it. But it was the first day, and the guy running the sale was asking fairly high prices for each piece, so I wasn't able to go home with much other than these two Cinderella bowls in the Butterprint pattern. And I only bought them because they were an anniversary present, otherwise it would've been too much for my taste!

At the Goodwill I also picked up an olive green Pyrex mixing bowl. I thrifted the larger size some weeks ago, so I thought they'd go nicely together, even if the original set was multiple colors.

And last but not least, my FAVORITE find of the day....

Beautiful Peptol pink luggage! This set is in seriously good condition, and I'm so tempted to keep it for myself, but I have a nice green set that I would get more use out of, so these babies will be up for sale in the store (if you're interested!). Then when you watch "Pan-Am" this fall and get that itch to travel, you'll be all set (ha).

Did you find any goodies this weekend? I'd love to hear about them! I'm also linking up with...

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  1. I just let out a very loud, involuntary 'OH!!' at that luggage.

    It is to die for. I'm in total love. Wish I was nearer, I'd take your arm off for it!

    Thanks for linking up and glad to hear you had a great trip x

  2. Amazing finds! That luggage - wow AMAZING!!

  3. I'm with Lizzie - big 'oh' at the lovely pink luggage!

  4. Oh that luggage is so cute! As are the BG glasses, more Pyrex to be on the watch for.

  5. What a great haul! That luggage set is truly phenomenal.

  6. I L-O-V-E THOSE SUIT CASES!!! Plus the Pyrex is lovely. I found lots of Pyrex this past week feel free to pop on over and see.

    the Joyful Thrifter

  7. Oh, the pink luggage! What a find, and it looks like it's in perfect condition. Poor hubs, the store just had to be full of treasures this time ;) Great haul.

  8. wow, that is definitely luggage to get you noticed, it is beautiful. I also love the glasses and the little jug :)

  9. The pink luggage is SO fun! What a find!

  10. I absolutely love that luggage!! It makes me want to travel just looking at it.

  11. Your glass wear is really pretty, and of course the pyrex in my favourite colour is the pick of the bunch.


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