Sunday Meditation

{Pinned here. Photo by Julie Aucoin.}

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; 
it is a change that goes on, 
deep and permanent, 
in the ideas of living.” 
— Miriam Beard


  1. I truly hope you are enjoying Guatemala. My family is from there and it wasn't until I visited as an adult that I truly appreciated everything about it. I hope you have a chance to make it to Panajachel and Lago Atitlan (especially the villages around it). Be safe too!

  2. We absolutely loved Guatemala! All the people we met were so nice, and to see the beautiful Mayan culture still peeking through here and there was probably my favorite thing about it. We stayed in San Lucas with our friends and did a couple days in Antigua, hiked Pacaya volcano, chilled on the beach in Monterrico, and went up in the hills to Yalu. I think I could've stayed for weeks just exploring the area, but we only had five days. :( So if we go back, I'll definitely add Panajachel and Lago Atitlan to the list!


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