Sustainable Style: Articles of Hope

This past weekend the hubs and I went down to Texas to visit his family. We spent two glorious days in Austin, then headed back to McKinney (near Dallas) where his parents live. His mom said the downtown area there had loads of cute boutique stores, so we did some window shopping while the guys played golf. The last store we visited had these gorgeous bags up by the register, and as I looked at the price, I noticed they were made by a company called Articles of H.O.P.E. (the acronym standing for Help Our Planet Earth).

I jotted down the information so I could do some research when we got back, and it turns out this company is part of a campaign started by four teenagers who wanted to educate others on how their daily decisions effect the environment, especially the use of plastic bags. So they created reusable alternatives called Hope Sacs, and then a more stylish line called Green and Gorgeous, and since then have been speaking at schools, businesses and various organizations, teaching others how they can become more conscious consumers.

They didn't have the ones I saw in the store online, which looked more like hobo bags made from gorgeous Indian fabrics, but I thought they were still worth a mention! Be sure and check out their website and Facebook Page to learn more. 

{Images courtesy of Articles of Hope}

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