Sustainable Style: Fig + Kindle

As a first-time vegetable (and fruit) garden-grower this year, I've really enjoyed the process of planting, tending and now harvesting our own produce. Everything tastes just a little bit better when your own energy is poured into what you're eating, and you know that it's not bogged down with pesticides and chemicals. Those standards are definitely at the forefront of my mind when I shop for supplementary fruits and veggies, and why I was so excited to stumble across Fig + Kindle.

Based in New England, this local-minded company creates stunning sweets, pastries, brittles, marshmallows, baked goods, syrups, jellies, sugars and preserves that are 100% handmade, local and organic (when possible). They also lack the things that get you down, like GMOs, corn syrup, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors.

On top of that, their packaging is stunning (in my opinion) in its simplicity. I'd love to get my hands on some strawberry preserves, lemon verbena syrup, and those rose ginger sabl├ęs! How about you?

Be sure and check out Fig + Kindle's website, Etsy store, Facebook page, Twitter and blog, where they dish up some amazing recipes!

{Images courtesy of Fig + Kindle}


  1. Oh. My. goodness. Their products look so good! I may just have to have some shipped out here to the west coast. Those syrups look so good. You're right, the packaging is absolutely perfect.

  2. Gorgeous products and I want to eat them all. But I'll start with the raspberry rose syrup.

  3. Nom, these look INCREDIBLY, and the packaging is gorgeous. I love the simple vintage style apothecary look and how it lets the product shine.

    I need to plant some more veggie seeds ASAP. :)


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