Sustainable Style: Harry Barker

I'm sure you've figured by now (especially if you've tuned into my Puppy Love posts) that I am one of those pet parents: I love snapping pictures of our mixed-breed ball of fur, and we get endless enjoyment out of her weird personality (i.e., we're convinced she's really a cat inside a dog's body).

Lately we've been on the hunt for a new harness-leash combo, and in my Google searching I stumbled across Harry Barker...then proceeded to fall in love! All their products are super cute, but I especially have my eye on their line of eco-friendly items: collars and leashes made from 100% recycled plastics (with no petro chemicals), dog beds and toys made from hemp, even their buckle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics!

Just this month they've introduced a new product: bamboo bowls, made from bamboo and rice husk and lead- and cadmium-free. But rather than wow you with my words, I think I'll let the pictures the do the work...

{Deauville Collar}

{Eton Collar}

{Newport Collar}

{Agra Leash}

{Hemp Stripe Rectangle Bed}
{Their new Bamboo Bowls}

{Hemp Stripe Toy Bone}

See...wasn't I right? :) I think I might go for the orange and pale blue harness and leash (above). Which product would you love to get your paws on?

{Images courtesy of Harry Barker}

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