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Last week I was excited to read about a new online company that's opening its virtual doors on Monday, June 6. It's called LovingEco, and its mission is two-part: to contribute to the movement towards a healthier planet, and give people the opportunity to be "conscious consumers."

It was started by two women, Justine Lassoff and Melinda Moore, both environmentally minded ladies who want to make a positive difference in the world and prove that the words stylish and eco-friendly can in fact co-exist.

"LovingEco is a passion project for me," says Moore, founder and president, "to educate and protect women's health by creating a community of conscious consumption, and to create a sustainable way of giving back. I have always embraced a natural lifestyle and this is a way for me to inspire other women to discover many innovative and stylish eco brands."

To do this the LovingEco team will work with innovative companies who are "truly trying to improve the way products are created" and will bring their products (fashion and accessories, beauty care and products for moms and children) to LovingEco members in private sales at discounted prices (up to 70% off retail). And, best yet, three percent of net proceeds will go to support an environmental or social cause.

"Like many women, as a mother I became more aware of the ingredients of products that came in contact with me and my family, along with the longer term environmental impact of everything we consume," says Lassoff, founder and CEO. "I founded LovingEco to curate and promote the best eco-friendly products for women to make it easy to access healthier product choices, while creating a fun and fashion-forward ecommerce platform."

As part of this platform, LovingEco will also have "Tastemaker Picks," which will bring in favorite brands and tips for going green from "entrepreneurs, designers, actors, leaders and stylish women and moms."

And all you have to do to be part of the fun is sign up! Just go to the LovingEco website and submit your email address at the bottom to be sent an invitation when the site launches Until then, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with the latest news from the planet's latest ally.

{Image courtesy of LovingEco}

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