A Thrifted Kitchen Thank You

Many many weeks ago, I became the proud owner of The New Moosewood Cookbook by the queen of vegetarian fare, Mollie Katzen, and I've been so immersed in its pages that I completely forgot to thank my generous benefactor: Laura over at Hey What's for Dinner Mom?. I thought it appropriate to put this note on The Thrifted Kitchen day since free is definitely thrifty! :)

Laura sponsored this giveaway herself, on her amazing blog (which you absolutely need to hop over and check out), and she even sent the copy over to Mollie to have it signed! I was beyond elated by the book and the autograph, and just wanted to shout my gratefulness into the blogosphere. So thank you Laura, for your generosity and your devotion to inspiring people to cook; and to Mollie, for taking time out of your schedule to put pen to paper (and for drawing cute leaves!).

Vegetarian or not, if you haven't experience the Moosewood cookbooks, you are truly missing out on something special and need to head to a bookstore or Amazon, pronto. There's a reason this book has James Beard's face on it people. :)


  1. how cool that its signed by Mollie Katzen! my step father bought be a copy of the moosewood cookbook when i became a vegetarian at 16. i still have it but hardly use it! thanks for the reminder...time to pull it out for some fun summer recipes!

  2. So glad you got it! I love her books, this one especially.


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