Adventures in Wonderland

This past weekend I headed to the West Coast, visiting my best girls for four days and having lots of crazy fun (per the usual with that crowd). Thursday was quite a day for me; I got up at 4 a.m. to catch my morning flight, got to Santa Monica a little after 10 a.m. (Pacific time), and the rest of the day was kind of a blur. I remember In-N-Out Burger (best fast food grilled cheese you'll ever find), helping Em price things for her garage sale, watching Black Swan and eventually Harry Potter at midnight! By the end of the day (I guess next morning, technically), I'm pretty sure I had been up for 24 hours straight, which hasn't happened since finals week in college. But this time I couldn't blame my jitters on drinking two gallons of very strong coffee...just being older. :-(

Friday we all managed to wake up and headed to Anaheim for a day of fun at Disneyland. Not without first stopping at The OP Cafe, however, which has my favorite breakfast tacos anywhere. We use to meet there every Friday morning for a while to catch up on life, and it was so good to be able to do that again!

{Me doing my best Minnie impression on the way to Anaheim}

We got to Disneyland around noon (I think), and didn't go home until after 10 p.m. (and the fabulous fireworks display they do there in the summer!). I'd never been before, which a lot of people think is weird when they hear I lived out in L.A. for five years. But I'd already been to Disney World in high school, so figured it wasn't much different. However, when you go as an adult with the heart of an immature teenager...things can get really fun, really fast! :) And I did really appreciate all the color and whimsy they used there. Here are some shots I snapped with my iPhone...

{The view at the end of Main Street when you walk into the Disneyland side...Magic Castle and all!}

{The top of a rocket ship ride outside of Space Mountain}

{The one ride I wanted to make sure I got on whilst there. Allison and I spun it around so hard we almost lost our cookies.}

{It's a Small World...After All...}

{With lovely lawn animals nonetheless...}

{I don't even know what ride this is...I just loved that it involved being swallowed by a whale.}

{The iconic Dumbo ride!}

{Splash Mountain? Or the one where you ride a train? Anyone?}

{Over to California Adventure}

{I applaud the name of their food establishment.}

{Tower of Terror!! Eeek!}

{Ursula being witchy in The Little Mermaid adventure.}

{You got to ride in colorful clam shells. The palette was very mid-century... :)}

{A swing ride that we didn't go on but looked pretty.}

{We got to feel what it would be like in A Bug's Life. I kinda want a giant plant like this for our yard.}

{This is actually better than the real Hollywood Boulevard. No crazies dressed like superheroes...at least not that I saw.}

{Candy machine at the Monsters Inc. adventure. Sugar, salt & fat...yum.}

{I don't even have to say anything. It's just plain glorious.}

{At this point I became the happiest girl on Earth.}

Needless to say we went back to Santa Monica thoroughly exhausted. Saturday morning came and we helped our friends Emily and Matt set up and sell things at their garage/moving sale. They're heading back to Kansas City, from whence they hail, and I'm not gonna lie...kinda excited they'll be so much closer! Now I just have to wait for Allison and Debbie to follow suit. :)

That afternoon us ladies headed to The Penthouse at The Huntley for brunch. The restaurant is on the top floor, so there is an amazing view on all sides of the beach, the mountains and the city. This was also during the dreaded "Carmegeddon" (they were closing the 405 highway for construction), and I wish they would've had one while I lived there! The beach and the PCH were practically deserted, and it was like having this gorgeous coastal city all to yourself!

Sunday was church, a barbecue and then we all headed to Osteria Mozza for dinner, some place we'd wanted to try before the hubs and I moved but never got the chance. It was like being back in Italy with the way the menu was set up, and we all decided to live it up that night and get multiple courses. I could hardly eat my entree and dessert after a trio of mozzarella, a vegetable ragout that was to die for and mezzalune pasta filled with butternut squash, but I did the best I could. The chocolate sorbet was ridiculously rich, and I think all of us were thinking of nothing but eating salad for the next week after a meal like this!


  1. loved this blog post!! Awww....

  2. love all the pics -- disney stuff makes me too happy. wish i'd hit up disney land, too, but kinda felt the same since i've gone to disney world 4 or 5 times. but it looks more retro-y and old school in cali. maybe one day! (and can i plz have that ice cream cone??)

  3. This post made me homesick for SoCal. I love your blog.


  4. Amy! You have a blog?! I'm totally stalking you on it now, so I can read about your cute family. :)

    Thanks Meg for stopping by! Sorry to impart any sickness... :(

  5. the ride is big thunder mountain railway, my 7 year olds favorite!!


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