Have You Seen These?

That's right...DIY cross-stitch iPhone covers!


{via Craft. Purchase at Connect Design.}


  1. I bought one!! I couldn't stop myself even thought it's been YEARS since I did a cross stitch. I am thinking about doing a Sublime design on mine. Can't wait to receive it!

  2. Awesome! Do post some pics we can all see when you do! I'm gonna put this on my wish list for my birthday. :)

  3. I just discovered your blog via Kitsch Cafe and I'm really enjoying it! I love reading secondhand/thrift bloggers.

    These phone covers are awesome. Way to make cross-stitching cool again! Haha I cross-stiched like back in middle school and then realized that I had no use for the things I was stitching. This would be the PERFECT excuse to bust out my skills again.

    PS- I saw in your "About Me" that you're in St. Louis. I was just out there for a family reuinion and it is really stinking HOT out there. Stay cool and enjoy your vacation :) So glad I found you!

  4. Hey Ally! Thanks for stopping by! You should totally put those cross-stitch skills to good use! You'd probably even be able to come up with your own phone pattern... And thanks for the well wishes during this ridiculous summer heat! It's my first one back here from California since I graduated college, and I must say it's making me miss the sea breeze for sure!


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