My Weekend Sewing Project

So there's this dress I bought months ago while thrifting. A beautiful vintage cotton dress, with thin blue and white stripes. I loved the high waist, the slight flair of the skirt...but the sleeves! Oh the sleeves...they were just so country-bumpkin-ish. I saw the beauty beneath them, however, and this weekend endeavored to free the dress from its chains by chopping them off and making it sleeveless.

Now, keep in mind: I am soooo far from being good at sewing. I'm still slowly teaching myself, but I thought this could be my first project sans instructions, where I could just let what I've learned rise to the surface. And there are certainly some little mistakes, but unless you get up close and personal, you'll never see them! :)

I forgot to take a picture of the dress before I amputated it, so I pinned the sleeves back on to give you a feel of what it was...

And what it is now!

I wore it this past Sunday with a wide cream belt when a bunch of us went to the Fourth of July carnival in Webster Groves (some pics of that to come later), and I love it! Great for the summer and, with a cardigan, a good transition piece into the fall. Yay!

{Images by me}


  1. Oh that is so cute! Very nice job. You definitely liberated that poor dress!

  2. The dress is perfect without the sleeves, nice re-style! I'm using my limited sewing skills to shorten and spruce up a thrifted dress soon, too!


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