Style Spots: Half-Off Holiday Weekend

This week it was nice to get back into the thrift scene after all our travels! Value Village had their monthly 50% off sale on Wednesday, so I headed to the one in Kenrick and found some great stuff. Then yesterday my mom and cousin and I hit up a couple estate sales in the suburb where I grew up. Since it was Sunday, everything was half off there as well, but the heat was ridiculous! We were dripping sweat by the time everything was said and done, and I found myself remembering the humidity-free days of California life, and praising the Lord that we have air conditioning!

Speaking of mom and cousin, they both went with my dad to Omaha last weekend to visit my bro and sis-in-law, and they picked out some great vintage handmade clothing and brought it back to me. Everything was so cute, but I only snapped shots of my two favorite dresses. So thanks, ladies! Your eyes are getting quite good! :)

Now, let's get on with the show and tell!

A vintage lampshade with shades of blue stitched at the bottom

Two stitched pieces of wall art. I'm going to repaint the frames to update them a bit.

A nautical mug that I was curious about researching (still in the process)

Another Dansk saucepot! This one is in amazing condition and I cooked with it yesterday. Cooks like a dream.

Two owl pencil illustrations.

A lone Vera napkin; a California silk scarf; and a set of three super 60s napkins.

A set of kitchen curtains my mom picked up.

I found a set of beautiful mod curtains to hang in the guest room (they're super long!)

A dress picked out by mom & cousin.

Another dress from the same duo.

A basket of vintage thread. I did a fun sewing project this week (I'll share later!) and now am obsessed with getting thread.

My cousin spotted this awesome wallet, and I picked up two pairs of vintage sunglasses.

And a super summery vintage cocktail shaker. It's in pristine condition!

What goodies did you find this week?

Have a great holiday!

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  1. So many coincidences.
    Liz the founder of Magpie Monday has gone all nautical and I love your sea related mug.
    Cocktail shaker also has that boat thing going on and today I have just snapped up some free cocktails shakers with some glasses too.
    Your photos are a feast of colour for the eyes so thanks for sharing

  2. Oh and I quoted about an owl today over on my new website Celebrating Mums so just a very coincidental day altogether

  3. More nautical! Love the cocktail shaker.

    Your Mum sure does have a great eye, the dresses are amazing. Also the purse and shades.

    I think my favourite might be the lampshade. So subtle and stylish.

    Thanks for linking up x

  4. A great lot of thrifty finds! I really love the dresses, and the sunglasses, especially the arms on the ones resting on the wallet. Like you I bought framed embroidery this week, which I had reframed.

  5. Love love love the navy and white dress, the cocktail shaker and the sunglasses, but they're all great finds. I'm sorry I'd forgotten about your blog, it seemed to have dropped off my reader. I will re-add you!

  6. Thanks ladies! So glad you stopped by! :)

  7. I absolutely love those owl illustrations! The blue and white dress was an awesome find too.

  8. Those eye glasses are super rad!! Love Em!

    xoxo Callie

  9. I love the white and blue dress and the sauce pot, both elegant in their own way x

  10. Have you figured out anything about the nautical mug? I've been looking for one for the longest time in stores... can't seem to find them anymore. My Grandpa has one with fish around the base and I always wanted one for myself, and being a veteran from the Navy I think the sailing theme fits my style :)


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