Style Spots: Just Squeeze It

No...I didn't thrift some awesome vintage juicer, or a skirt that I love & bought even though I'd have to squeeze my buns into it. I'm talking instead about the squeezing of time — thrift time — into my crazy schedule these days. By the end of the month, I will have gone out of town every weekend in July, and needless to say, this makes my weekdays packed with all the errands and housework I usually save for those two days of freedom, leaving me little time for thrifting!

I did manage to find some time on Thursday evening, and again yesterday after we got home from hanging out by the Black River. Here's the little load I brought home from those excursions...

A lovely little copper-colored pheasant...

I love the details on the feathers.

Some vintage Entienne Aigner loafers that are my new favorite summer shoes!

Some cute (but not vintage) ballet flats.

Two vintage trays...

With the perfect amount of wear.

Some vintage wooden hangers.

A vintage purse I picked up because I loved the way it gathers on the front.

A vintage handmade afghan for our living room. That dark teal is one of the colors in my newly chosen palette.

A mid-century clock that I'm going to paint white and hang in the living room.

Did you unearth any goodies this week? Do tell!

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  1. I had a clock a LOT like that for a long time. Cheers!

  2. Lovely finds, especially those trays...Gorgeous!

  3. Love it all...you find the coolest stuff, quite an eclectic mix too. The clock is fab.

  4. Great finds. That clock is actually in right now. You see sunburst clocks all over the internet now. White would update it so nicely.

  5. ooo I love that clock! It will look gorgeous in white

  6. wow what awesome finds! So much you could do with them - would love to see final places for these items - where will you hang the clock? will you make any changes to items before you decide their final places in the home?


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