Style Spots: Thrift Stores Rule

Happy Monday all! I'm glad to report that I survived the ridiculous heat wave we had this weekend (heat index of 106!), and after playing a little softball yesterday afternoon, I probably sweated about two dress sizes. I remember summers here being hot, but even my parents said this one is the worst they've had in a while.

Amid my humidity-induced coma, however, I was able to get away to some estate sales and thrift stores. The former were pretty much a bust (I found one thing), and after that, the rents and I headed to the Goodwill Outlet since they'd never been before. I found a good chunk of stuff there that totaled to $4.52 (yes!). Then later that day, my friend Melissa, who's back in the States visiting from Honduras, and I headed to the local Value Village, which never ceases to have some gems.

But enough talk! Let's get to the goods!

A vintage French glass jar to store, well, crackers.

A needlepoint wall hanging of a ballerina

A little fondue pot/butter warmer/whatever you want to call it...

These intertwined wooden squares that I'm going to paint and hang up somewhere...

Some fabric, a linen tablecloth and some sheets, all vintage...

A Ball jar that someone turned into a piece of art...I'm going to clear it out and use it for canning/pickling...

These cute hangers covered in vintage fabric with clothespins attached. Great idea for belts & scarves!

And, another set of vintage luggage!! This one made me seriously swoon. I love the pattern. Skyway had some really great pieces way back when!

What thrifty things did you find this weekend! Do share!

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  1. I love lots of these. Torn between the luggage and the crackers jar for my fave.

  2. Thank you! Those two are my favs from this weekend, too! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. I found that same ball jar over the weekend but it was marked Coffee instead of crackers! I didn't bring it home though. I am plain running out of room. Wish I would have bought it and shipped it to you though. I would go back but I was at a thrift store about 40 miles from home.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. What a sweet thought! That means more than the actual jar. :)

  5. The luggage is pretty cool. Much more colorful than the ones I normally find. For some reason the solid avocado green and baby blue ones are all that I seem to find at our thrift stores.

  6. What cute hangers! Love the luggage too!

  7. It seems like we have similar tastes-- I'm a collector of 1970s floral suitcases too and adore self-identifying kitchen items (love the cracker jar!). The hangers are clever too, it's always so hard trying to organize belt/scarves.

  8. Aw! The little blue pot and the shelves are wonderful!

  9. Love those suitcases! So far I haven't found any in good shape but I've got my eyes open for them!

  10. i am LOVING that vintage luggage...something we just don't get her in australia!

  11. Thanks for all your kind words, ladies! So glad you like the luggage! I think vintage suitcases are quickly becoming a new obsession for me! :)


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