My first inclination is to apologize for the title, which is an awful attempt at combining two words. But in actuality, I'm not really that sorry...because it makes me laugh. And, well, you just go a sneak peak into the awkward weirdo that I am. :)

Moving on!

I just wanted to share with you a project that I've had all the components for, but just finally put them together yesterday! Back in California, I had planted two succulents from our wedding decorations into two vintage coffee cans, and they've been sitting upstairs — a sad, lonely little duo — on a sill in our bedroom since we moved here.

I've always wanted to create a little colony of succulents, so over the past several months I've been collecting more vintage coffee cans, and I finally amassed enough to make a statement!

In our guest room is a beautiful two-window wall that has a sill and lots of sunlight, so that's where this new family has found its home, now appropriately named Succu-Sillville. :)

Here's to lots of silliness & sunlight this weekend!!

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  1. I did this and the succulents croaked. Can you tell me....did you poke holes in the bottom of the coffee cans? I had to throw away 4 succulents because they were water-logged.
    Thanks so much! (Please email the answer to: musm1988@yahoo.com )


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