Sustainable Style: Indego Africa

If you scour design blogs like I do, no doubt you've seen the amazing wall displays happening with the beautiful woven baskets made by talented artisans from all over the world. I have some from Lodwar, Kenya, but not enough to make an impact on our 10-foot dining room walls. So I've been scouring sites for some welcome additions, and happened upon a great site called Indego Africa.

They have lots of amazing woven baskets, plus other home goods and accessories that are all fair trade and help women in Africa "acquire skills that enhance long-term earning potential."

According to the website, Indego Africa's business model is as follows:

> Partner with cooperatives of world-class artisans in Rwanda, made up entirely of women.

> Sell their masterful fair trade contemporary accessories and home decor products at high-end retailers across the U.S. and on Indego Africa’s online store.

> Pay the women a fair wage, including 50% in advance of production.

> Return 100% of the profits to Indego Africa's ground-breaking training program in financial management and entrepreneurship, literacy and computers.

> Harness local talent to teach the training programs with Generation Rwanda, an extraordinary NGO that provides university scholarships to Rwanda's top students.

To learn more about Indego Africa's efforts, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and check out their Facebook page.

{Images courtesy of Indego Africa}

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