Today Is...

You know, a lot of people are flaunting the fact that today is Ice Cream Day, and I can understand why. For a lot of us, the heat has us reaching for freezer-friendly foods to cool us down. And the art of ice cream has become so advance that I can hardly keep up with the latest savory-sweet concoctions.

So, instead, I'm gonna go to a place of salty satisfaction by celebrating the spud! Today is also French Fries Day, which gives us the perfect excuse to go on and get greasy! Whether that brings you to your favorite diner, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, or your own kitchen, just do me one favor: Don't forget the ketchup! :)

(Psst...Like the look of what's going on up above? Head over to Frolic and try your hand at Elizabeth Fuss's roasted potatoes with slow-roasted tomato & jalapeno ketchup. Yum.) 

{Image by Lisa Warninger}

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